A&E Says We Must be Tolerant of Hate But Not of Gays, Gives Robertson his Job Back

By caving in to hate groups A&E has sent a clear message that haters are to be tolerated, but not those who are the victims of that hate.

Republican Hypocrites Can’t Hide From the Hypocrisy Behind Their Duck Dynasty Outrage

For Americans with half-a-brain, the conservative hypocrisy is as glaring as the subjects conservatives are certain their older, whiter, and religiously-inclined voters embrace.

Mike Huckabee Defends Phil Robertson With a Paranoid Rant Against Militant Homosexuals

What Huckabee and the religious right object to is losing what they consider religious freedom to impose their rules on the rest of the population.

A&E’s Decision to Suspend Phil Robertson Is Not a Freedom of Speech Issue

Whether or not one is inclined towards intellectual masochism by watching A&E's "Duck Dynasty," the decision to suspend one of the show's stars is not a freedom of speech issue.

Robertson Family Threatens to Kill Duck Dynasty If They Can’t Spew Bigotry and Hate

The Duck Dynasty clan wants the freedom to hate, or they are threatening to cancel their show.