Bill O’Reilly Says ‘War on Christmas’ Has Been Won But ‘Insurgents Remain’

O'Reilly says, "Don't like Christmas? Ignore it." Right. Like Evangelicals ignore the things they don't like.

Bryan Fischer Suggests Lots of People Die Around the Clintons, And it’s No Accident

"107 people have died under suspicious circumstances in and around the orbit of the Clintons," and "it is hard to believe that that is just coincidental."

Donald Trump Wants to Close Mosques in America to Fight the Islamic State in Syria

Trump wants to close mosques in order to fight the Islamic State, despite the First Amendment's guarantee of the free exercise of religion

Ted Cruz and His Mad Scramble for the Hate Vote

Ted Cruz picked up the endorsement of notorious bigot Sandy Rios, wowed the haters at a Texas megachurch, and won the Tea Party caucus in NC

Angie’s List Halts Indiana HQ Expansion in Response to Religious Tyranny Act

Angie's List is the latest to stand up in opposition to Indiana's discriminatory RFRA, and this one could cost Indiana 1,000 jobs

Donald Trump Can’t Figure Out Why Jews Support Obama

Donald Trump can't figure out why Jews support Obama. That is because there is no room for Jews in conservative "Murica."

Bryan Fischer Literally Demonizes Michael Brown, Saying He was Demonically Possessed

Fischer said, "the chances were very good...there was a demonic presence...inside Michael Brown" I don't think so. I think we all know what the problem is

Fundamentalists Want to Drive Your Womb Like a Clown Car

Get breeding ladies. There's lots of great catches like Fischer and Deace lining up to drive your womb like a clown car.

Buster Wilson Wakes Up to Discover He’s a Hate Monger

Buster Wilson complains that if he believes what he says the Bible says about homosexuality, he is a hate monger

Buster Wilson Claims Obama Wants to Declare Christians to be Mentally Ill and Lock Them Up

Buster Wilson lets go of his meat long enough to claim Obama thinks he's crazy and wants to lock him up.

Republican Congressman Says He’s Not Convinced Sandy Victims Need Relief

Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp told AFA Director of Issues Analysis Bryan Fischer that he saw no real need for disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy victims.

The Religious Right Wants You Dead in God’s Name

The endless chorus from the Religious Right that all that plagues our society is the result of divine wrath has grown tiresome...and then some.

Bryan Fischer Says Jesus Had Capitalism in His DNA

Fischer strikes out monumentally when he claims Jesus was a capitalist's capitalist with capitalism in his DNA: read the Gospels, Bryan!

Hate Group Blames Colorado Massacre on America’s Lost Fear of God

The AFA says people died because we've lost our fear of God; more accurately, they died because we insist on misreading the Second Amendment

Lawrence O’Donnell Pokes Fun at Right Wing Fanatic Buster Wilson’s Meat

The AFA's Buster Wilson said a Google boycott would put his meat to the test but it was MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell who really tested his meat

The Response To Stir Up Extremists in Kansas City

After underwhelming Houston, Iowa, South Carolina and Florida, The Response is bringing its brand of extremist Christianity to Kansas City just before Election Day

Before the Supreme Court Rules on Obamacare, a Warning from George Washington

As Americans await the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act, we should keep in mind a warning from George Washington about the threat of obstructionist minorities.

Internet Homophobia Would Have Been Impossible Without Gay Genius Alan Turing

Every time Bryan Fischer sits down to blog a homophobic rant, he ought to give thanks for Alan Turing, the gay genius who gave us computers

Obama Has Removed the Last Shred of Divine Covering Over the White House? Really?

Apparently, President Obama has ripped away from imaginary protective layer over the White House for which surface-to-air missiles are no substitute

Conservatism Looks More Like an Online MMORPG Every Day

You have to wonder the degree to which conservatives are even aware any more of reality as they indulge in increasingly twisted fantasies