Senate Republicans Plan ‘Stunning Rebuke’ of Trump

Senate Republicans are not happy with Donald Trump, and today plan to take action that has been described as a “stunning rebuke” of the president.

For weeks now, GOP senators have told Trump not to declare a national emergency to build a border wall. Mitch McConnell and other Republican Senate leaders have completely rejected his national ­security policy in Syria and Afghanistan. read more

Morning Tweetstorm Shows Trump Has Lost Touch With Reality

Donald Trump posted several tweets this morning that directly contradict national security intelligence on several major foreign policy matters, showing that he is doing actual damage to the country.

When Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coats testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, he drew significant media attention by breaking with multiple points Trump has been trying to make in recent days, such as: read more

Trump’s Afghanistan Speech Overshadowed By Endless Trail Of Anti-War Tweets

Trump has repeatedly used his favorite social media platform to call for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. On Monday, he will call for a troop surge.

Trump Looks To Distract With Afghanistan Speech As 56% Call Charlottesville Response A Failure

A plurality of Americans also believes he is "putting white supremacists on equal standing with their opponents."

Jaws Drop As Dangerously Incoherent Trump Compares War In Afghanistan To A Restaurant

President Donald Trump has reached a dangerous level of incoherence as he wants to fire the top US commander in Afghanistan and base the nation's war strategy on a fancy New York restaurant.

Rachel Maddow Points Out The Clearest Sign Yet That Trump Is Terrified Over Russia Scandal

Maddow Russia

Maddow said Trump's move to distract from the Sally Yates hearing was the most "cynical" thing she has seen in politics in "many, many years."

Crises in Middle East and North Korea and Trump Takes 18th Golf Trip in 12 Weeks

"Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf" Trump asked in 2014

Worries Arise Over Where Trump’s Sudden Militarism Will Take Us

Trump's isolationist hypocrisy is the least of our problems. It is where that hypocrisy is taking us, and at an ever-increasing pace

Attacking Syria Was the Gateway Sexual Activity Republicans Usually Warn You About

As you can see from the polling, conservatives, far from reacting with outrage, have instead laid back and lit up in the post-coital afterglow

Nancy Pelosi Demands Congressional Action To Stop Trigger-Happy Trump From Blowing Up The World

With Trump in charge of America's nuclear arsenal – like a toddler playing with a loaded firearm – Congressional oversight is a necessity.

Maxine Waters Says Trump Is No Longer Just A Bully – He’s A Clear And Present Danger To America

A bully armed with a Twitter account is one thing, but the same bully with access to America's nuclear arsenal is a whole other ballgame.

Trump’s War Of Distraction Continues As The U.S. Now Planning Preemptive Strike On North Korea

Donald Trump

As the Russia scandal becomes increasingly explosive, so too does Donald Trump's foreign policy.

DNC Candidate Blasts Trump: He’s A ‘Draft-dodging Chickenhawk President’

Donald Trump

"I’ll be damned if we’re going to have a draft-dodging chickenhawk president of the United States ... ordering the people I served with back into another conflict."

New Year Wishes and a Warning: Stay Vigilant!

New Year is coming with mixed tidings, the good with the bad, with genuine evil in its wake, a Republican wrecking ball aimed right at us

Why We Can’t Let Jeb Bush Pretend His Brother’s Wars Never Happened

Jeb doesn't realize how critical it is he convince us he is not his brother, because the more you listen to him, the more alike they sound

Brian Williams Gets Six Months To Think About Shameful Lie

Williams offends the proud tradition and moral demands of true journalism and, in particular, the memories of those who braved various war fronts around the world, sacrificing their lives in the process.

Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Act to be Signed into Law by President Obama Thursday

Something is finally about to be done about veteran suicide prevention, as Senate, House, and President join to make the Clay Hunt Act law.

The Radical Right Can’t Handle The Truth From President Obama

The point is that all Christians should advocate and revere the truth with religious fervor; unless it is uttered by President Barack Obama at which point they "can't handle the truth."

The Possibility of Obama Successfully Negotiating with Iran has GOP Freaking Out

Only Republicans would see a war slipping through their fingers as a loss, and losing this chance is almost too much for John Boehner to bear