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Mattis Says War in Afghanistan Must End: ‘40 years is enough’

Mattis Says War in Afghanistan Must End: ‘40 years is enough’

Secretary of Defense James Mattis has asked the international community to help end the war in Afghanistan. He said  that regional leaders…

5 years ago

Trump Turns Corruption Toward War As He Seeks To Privatize US Troops In Afghanistan

Trump is increasingly fond of an idea from Eric Prince to replace the US troops in Afghanistan with a private…

6 years ago

John McCain Embraces Sarah Palin’s Stupidity and Blame Obama Dysfunction

These reckless, insulting comments have become commonplace for McCain because he cares more about shifting blame than keeping Americans safe.

8 years ago

War Criminal Cheney Honored At The Capital While The World Battles His Co-Creation ISIS

Few Americans would object to a bust honoring Dick Cheney if it noted his part in creating a more radical…

8 years ago

Republicans In Congress Still Dishonor America’s Veterans

Republicans have about as much use for America's veterans as they do America's poor, women, people of color and the…

8 years ago

Trump’s Honest Criticism of George W. Bush Exposes GOP Foreign Policy Incompetence

Trump is shining a light on exactly what Americans have to look forward to if they elect a Republican president;…

8 years ago

Never Forget That Republicans Used 9/11 To Start Two Middle East Wars

The Bush administration used a terror attack on American soil to rack up a $6 trillion debt for two wars…

8 years ago

Conservative Racists Are Attacking the Bergdahl Family for Associating With Obama

The giveaway that all the animus toward Sergeant Bergdahl is based in conservative racism usually reserved for people of color,…

10 years ago

Ted Nugent Was Too Cowardly to Serve But He Blames Obama For Veterans’ Suicides

A coward leveled blame on President Obama for the plight of Veterans who survived the perils of war only to…

11 years ago

When It Comes to War Mitt Romney is George W. Bush With Magic Underwear

If Willard Romney controls the world's most powerful military will repeat the Iraq and Afghanistan disasters because he is, after…

12 years ago

John McCain’s Eternal War Against Gays At Home and American Soldiers Abroad

John McCain is a war hero, and advocates permanent wars regardless the cost in lives and drain on the economy.…

13 years ago

Fox News Forgets Bush Labels Afghanistan Obama’s War

Fox News' projection of the Bush administration's failures continued today on FNC's America's News HQ, when the network not so…

14 years ago

President Obama Relieves General McChrystal of His Post

McChrystal arrived at White House ready to tender his resignation Wednesday at 10:00 AM. At 1:15 PM, MSNBC announced that…

14 years ago