GOP’s Epic Failure To Stop Iran Deal Started With Netanyahu Stunt In March

The Israeli Prime Ministers speech to Congress backfired and pushed Democrats who were on the fence into siding with President Obama.

Obama’s Diplomacy Wins As Iran Keeps Up Their Part of Nuclear Deal

President Obama has sought a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear threat, and yesterday, diplomacy won a small victory as Iran kept up their part of the historic agreement and began scaling back their nuclear facilities.

Senate Hypocrites Ignore Our Needs at Home But Help Israel Push For War With Iran

Republicans can hardly be bothered to do much in the way of meaningful legislation, and yet they find time to come up with a bill that does nothing except elevate the danger of another war.

Eric Cantor Takes Steps to Give Netanyahu Power Over American Middle East Policy

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has taken steps to reassert Netanyahu's power over American Middle East policy to thwart the P5+1 agreement that halts Iran's alleged nuclear weapon program.