Alabama City Slated to Host Trump Rally Declares Covid-19 Emergency

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The city of Cullman, Alabama, which was slated to host a rally featuring former President Donald Trump, has declared a Covid-19-related state of emergency ahead of the event.

“The declaration of the State of Emergency allowed the city to provide the additional personnel and equipment for this weekend’s political rally after it was requested by Cullman Regional,” according to reporting from AL. read more

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville is Playing Both Sides of the Impeachment Fence


Tommy Tuberville first became famous while coaching college football’s Auburn Tigers. The coach won an SEC championship in 2004 before coaching Texas Tech and the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Now a politician, Tuberville turned his coaching good will into an Alabama senate seat in November and has already been heavily connected to Donald Trump made to Tuberville during the Capitol insurrection. read more

Opinion: Partisanship Cannot Be Tolerated When Decency Is The Only True Recourse


Loyalty in most cases is a noble and endearing quality when given to those who have earned it by embodying righteousness, fairness, and truth. However, loyalty blindly imparted in politics is a dangerous and deadly cancer within the body of democracy. Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey, is a prime example of a misguided and twisted loyalty that has lasting pervasive ramifications in a country deep in the throes of turmoil.

Opinion: Failure, Sex, Lies And A Moron Are Destroying GOP

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The party of "family values" has fallen on hard times. The Republican Party as we know it has been transformed into the worst representation of government in our modern history. Led by a moral abomination, Donald Trump, the GOP has molded itself in the image of its inept leader and become fodder for late night comedy, resignations, impeachment and federal prison.