Republican Sen. Bob Corker Calls Democratic Senate Victory In Alabama A Great Night For America

Sen. Bob Corker spoke the blunt truth when he told reporters that the Doug Jones Senate victory in Alabama was a great night for America.

Trump Suffers A Devastating Defeat As Doug Jones Is The New Senator From Alabama

The Trump agenda was dealt a crippling blow as the Democratic pickup of the Alabama Senate seat means that Republicans have zero margin for error.

Moron Trump Got Duped Into Endorsing Roy Moore And He Could Cost Republicans Everything

Donald Trump just the worst personal instincts in the history of the presidency, and bad judgment could cost Republicans everything if they lose the Alabama Senate race.

Republicans Ready A Suicide Mission In Alabama That Will Hand The Senate Seat To Democrats

Senate Republicans appear to be preparing to mount a write-in campaign for Sen. Luther Strange which would be nothing more than a bid to keep Roy Moore out of the Senate by handing the seat to Democrat Doug Jones.

Jeff Sessions Former Senate Seat Could Turn Blue As First Poll Shows Close Race In Alabama

Trouble could be brewing for Republicans in deep red Alabama as the first poll after the Republican Senate primary runoff finds Democratic candidate Doug Jones trailing Republican Roy Moore 50.2%-44.5%.

Luther Strange’s People Think Trump’s Insanity Cost Them The Election

A campaign official for Sen. Luther Strange said that the Senator was closing the gap in the polls until Trump showed up in Alabama and started fighting with the NFL.

Out Of His Mind Trump Gets The AL Election Month Wrong While Congratulating Roy Moore

Trump told Roy Moore to win the Alabama Senate special general election in November, but the election isn't until December.