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Even The Bribe Is Bogus: Alaska And Other States Get Screwed Under Graham-Cassidy

Death of a GOP talking point: The losses under Graham-Cassidy would in fact be “devastating for the other five ‘bribe target’ states: Arizona would now lose $3.3 billion, while Alaska would still be $99 million in the hole, Kentucky would be down $2.7 billion, Ohio down $6.5 billion and West Virginia would lose nearly $1.5 billion,” Charles Gaba reported.


Alaska Voters Reject Sarah Palin and Every Other Republican for US Senate

  A newly released Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey from Alaska reveals how badly tarnished the GOP brand is even in the Last Frontier State. Mark Begich, the Incumbent Democratic Senator, leads all Republican opponents in the poll. Alaska voters are not thrilled with Mark Begich’s job performance. 43 percent of Alaska voters approve of…

Book Review: Sarah From Alaska

The book Sarah From Alaska by Scott Conroy, and Shushannah Walshe, who were both embedded with Sarah Palin’s vice presidential campaign, manages to accomplish the seemingly impossible. It offers an objective account of Sarah Palin’s fast rise and abrupt resignation. There is lots here for both Palin’s fans and critics.

A Brief History of the Presidential Turkey Pardon

President Barack Obama became only the fourth president today to engage in the tradition of the presidential turkey pardon. The pardoning of the turkey given to the President of the United States of America is a fairly modern tradition. Contrary to popular myth, it wasn’t Harry Truman or Abe Lincoln who pardoned the first turkey. It was George H.W. Bush in 1989.

Palin Threatens to Call Out Obama on Imaginary Death Panels

Last night President Obama called death panels a lie in his joint speech to Congress. Obama also promised to call out anyone who spreads lies about healthcare reform. This led Sarah Palin to not only continue to stand by her death panels claim, but also promise that she will call out Obama on death panels, but there aren’t any death panels, so this should be interesting to say the least.

Sarah Palin Calls Bloggers Pathetic

ImageIn her latest blame the media interview, Sarah Palin lashed out at bloggers and journalists for telling lies about her in the March edition of Esquire magazine. Palin said she is annoyed by bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie about her. She also defended her comment about being able to see Russia from Alaska.

Alaska Senator Elect Begich Disagrees With Obama on ANWR

ImageMark Begich’s victory over Republican Ted Stevens has brought the Democrats closer to the magic number of 60 Senate seats, but his win also points out that there are some major policy differences in the Democratic caucus. In Begich’s case, the disagreement involves energy and ANWR, but those looking looking for liberal legislation might be disappointed by Obama and this Congress.


ImageIt is well known that the selection by Democrats of Barack Hussein Obama to be their candidate in the fast approaching 2008 United States presidential election made history.

He is the first African-American presidential nominee, and – if polling continues as is – will be the first black president.

It is also well known that race, heritage, and religion have all reared their heads into the campaign in the ugliest, bigoted of fashions.

Sarah Palin on Global Warming, Evolution, and Abortion

ImageSarah Palin was back on the CBS Evening News with Kate Couric tonight, and she ducked, dodged, and gave half answers to questions about abortion, global warming, the environment and even what newspapers and magazines she reads to stay up on current events.

Here is the exchange between Palin and Couric over what newspapers and magazines she reads:

Palin: I’ve read most of them, again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media.



Questions surround Sarah Palin – But the foremost question is Why Did John McCain pick HER?? I think the answer is obvious. The country is being distracted by all the controversy surrounding her, and taking their focus off of the Republican Party’s record and the role John McCain has played in creating it. It is a disastrous record and the country should know that John McCain has no real disagreement with George Bush, and will continue his unpopular polices for four more years.

The Myth of Sarah Palin the Reformer

ImageThe presidential campaign of John McCain put out an ad today that sought to redefine his running mate Sarah Palin as more of a reformer than Barack Obama. The problem is that this so called reformer is governor of a state that depends on royalties from the oil and gas companies for 80% of its revenues.

Here is the ad:

Sarah Palin: A High Risk/Reward Pick for McCain

ImageContrary to cable news network reports, Sarah Palin’s name has been floating around for weeks as a dark horse running mate possibility. The upside is that she brings youth, gender, and conservative credentials to the ticket. The downside is that this pick was based on a political calculation that if it backfires will doom his campaign.


Two Alaska Superdelegates Endorse Obama

ImageLate this afternoon Barack Obama picked up his 303.5 and 304.5 superdelegates as Cindy Spanyers and Blake Johnson endorsed Barack Obama. Spanyers and Johnson stressed Obama’s commitment to Alaska issues, “Senator Obama is committed to Alaskans and establishing important ties to the state.

Mike Gravel Leaves the Democratic Party

ImageToday on his website former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska announced that he is leaving the Democratic Party for the Libertarian Party. Gravel, who was the best thing about those early Democratic primary debates said, “Today, I am announcing my plan to join the Libertarian Party, because the Democratic Party no longer represents my vision for our great country.

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