Opinion: That Moment When a Federal District Court Rules Texas Election Law Is Racist

"Republican lawmakers rushed the voter ID law without the usual committee analysis and debate... to provide an Anglo partisan advantage."

Opinion: Iowa GOP Reverses Existing Minimum Wage Hikes and Ban Future Increases

“It's the first time a state nullified local wage ordinances already in effect and forced [local] jurisdictions to [immediately] reduce minimum wages that were previously raised.”

Trump’s Illegal Voting Lie Is Part of Larger Republican Attack On Democracy

There was a good reason Trump admitted being 3-million votes less “popular” than Hillary Clinton; it fostered his other dangerous lie to kill democracy.

Super PAC Connected To Paul Ryan Used Russian Material Against Dem. House Candidates

Speaker Ryan's spokeswoman never disputed that the material used against Democratic candidates was “stolen as an act of Russian espionage

North Carolina Republicans Sued For Rigging the Election For Trump

The voter suppression tactic is right out of the GOP [election rigging] playbook to suppress the Black vote in North Carolina.”

Republican Election Officials Fight Trump’s “Dangerous” Rigged Election Rhetoric

“It’s going to create a disturbance and, played out in polling places across the country, it has the potential to destabilize the election which is very, very dangerous."

With Trump Leading the GOP Today is Republicans’ “Anti-labor Day”

"Only a fool harbors the ugly thought of breaking unions or tries to deprive working people of the right to join the union of their choice.”

Koch-Republicans Want the National Park Service’s 100th Anniversary to Be Its Last

The federal government's landholdings and control of water could be better used for ranching, mining or forestry through private ownership.

ExxonMobil Lies – They Still Oppose Any Climate Change Remedies

ExxonMobil promotes a carbon tax while contributing to Republicans who block all efforts to combat climate change with a tax on carbon.

Stunning Hypocrisy – AARP Supports the Anti-Social Security Lobby ALEC

AARP should be more sensitive to its retired members who are vulnerable to ALEC-supported legislative efforts to eliminate Social Security.

Targeted By Police For Being Black Registered Voters In a GOP State

"People just do not understand why a sheriff is coming to their house to bring them a subpoena if they haven’t committed any crime."

Appeals Court Strikes Down North Carolina Vote Suppression Law

"North Carolina’s provisions deliberately target African Americans with...surgical precision...to depress Black turnout at the polls."

Federal Courts Strike Down Texas and Wisconsin Vote Suppression Laws

"We conclude that that SB 14 has a discriminatory effect on minorities' voting rights in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act."

Another Koch Acolyte Is Responsible for Illinois Economic Disaster

Governor Rauner's tax cuts amounted to a 25 percent reduction and ended efforts to preserve education, road repair, and social services’ funding.

Republican Governor Vetoes Clean Energy Bill Killing Thousands of Jobs and Billions in Growth

"This veto puts thousands of solar jobs at risk, endangers the livelihood of thousands and will stall billions in economic activity."

Barely Alive, Kansas Public Schools On the Verge Of Brownback’s Death Blow

The Kansas bill creates private school savings and funding programs by diverting public education funding to private and religious schools

Mormon Republicans Continue Bundy’s War On Americans’ Public Lands

Mormon Rob Bishop (R-UT) wants to deliver America’s public lands, national parks, forests, and wilderness areas to Koch Industries’ control

Complacency and EmoProgs Aided Conservatives’ Drive To Rewrite the Constitution

There have been a few articles lately that began appearing last October making a compelling case that while the 2016 Presidential race might look promising for Democrats and it appears that Republicans are in disarray, Democrats, liberals, or progressives, take your pick, are actually in deep trouble everywhere else. There is no doubt that the presidency is an important race, but not so important as to forget every other non-presidential race and not so important as to divide Democrats; a trend that is extremely disturbing. read more

Resignation? Jail Gov. Rick Snyder, Make Corporations Pay For Poisoning 25,000 Children

Snyder was well aware of the lead-tainted water before long before he claims he learned he was poisoning children.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Poisons Flint Kids And Then Declares An Emergency

This all began when one of Snyder's emergency dictators decided safe drinking water from Lake Huron didn't fit the corporate financial model