Facebook Bans Some Of Trump’s Biggest Supporters For Hate Speech Violations

Facebook banned several high profile alt right supporters of Trump from Facebook and Instagram for hate speech violations.

Alex Jones and Infowars Get the Boot From Vimeo Social Media Platform

The website Vimeo has pulled content from Infowars and its founder Alex Jones from its site for violating the platform’s video content standards. A spokesperson for the video hosting service told Business Insider on Sunday that the Infowars videos “violated our Terms of Service prohibitions on discriminatory and hateful content.” Vimeo is a video-sharing website in which users can upload, share and view videos. read more

New Lawsuits Are Fighting Back Against Right Wing Conspiracies

Conspiracy theories have always existed, but in recent years they have been getting more numerous and more troublesome. There is a new tendency of conspiracy theorists to target regular people as well as public figures such as politicians and celebrities. This can raise havoc in these people’s lives, so they are fighting back by filing lawsuits.  If they can prove actual damages they have suffered there is a good chance this new class of plaintiffs will win these suits, which may change the national dialogue for the better. read more

GOP Rep Goes Full Crazy And Claims Charlottesville Nazis Were Actually Liberal Actors

Dana Rohrabacher

This is the kind of unhinged and crackpot rhetoric that is common on Info Wars, but it has no place in American government.

NBC Owned Station That Serves Newtown, CT Won’t Air Megyn Kelly/Alex Jones Interview

The NBC station that serves the town where the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre took place will not be airing Megyn Kelly's interview with Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Sunday.

In Expletive-Filled Rant, Alex Jones Uses Anti-Gay Slurs to Attack Rep. Adam Schiff

Trump worshiper Alex Jones made his feelings about Schiff more than plain when he accused Schiff of "sucking globalist d---"

German Media Warns That The Right’s “Hitler-like Führer” Worship of Trump is Dangerous

The German magazine noted for its investigative journalism outed "America's biggest conspiracy theorist" and "epitome of fake news" Alex Jones as Trump's propagandist, warning of the dangers of his treatment of Trump as some kind of "Hitler-like Führer".

CPAC Turns into Anti-Globalist Hate-Fest and Alex Jones Wants You to Kill Yourself

So far at CPAC we have seen nonstop attacks on "globalists" and "globalism" - and this from a president who makes money from all over the globe. On the whole, this makes as much sense as liberals being cast as the elites when it's Trump who uses a golden toilet as his throne.

Some in Media Appallingly Agree with Alex Jones About Trump

Alex Jones claims he and Trump are both reading from the 'sheet music of reality.' Early indications are the mainstream media seems to agree

Trump Attacks on Clinton and CIA Director Brennan Lead us Down a Slippery Slope

This is a slippery and dangerous slope down which Trump and his surrogates have embarked. This is how dictatorships function, not democracies

Truthers Be Damned: Today Marks 4th Anniversary of Sandy Hook Shooting

Many of the victims are our children, whom we send to school each morning without any guarantee they will return home safely - or alive.

In a Bizarre Video, Trump’s Pal Alex Jones Defends ‘Pizzagate’ Truthers

There is Jones by the Christmas tree telling us "I always try to tell the truth," quoting Spider-Man: "With great power comes great responsibility."

Trump’s Ties to Putin are Exposed so Surrogates Push Clinton as Manchurian Candidate

Trump claims he is going to "drain the swamp." The problem is he plans to fill it up with Russians only too eager to take the job of running our country

The Only Thing Trump Threatens Is Civilized Society, Not Democracy

Trump supporter will seek out the “Mexicans. Syrians. People who can’t speak American and go right up behind them and make them a little bit nervous.”

Vile Conservatives Make Hurricane Death and Destruction Into an Obama Conspiracy

Drudge said he and Trump’s supporters “wondered if the government was lying about the intensity of the hurricane” and legitimacy of National Hurricane Center data.

Alex Jones Wants Donald Trump to Accuse Hillary Clinton of Treason Tonight

In what is no doubt a big seller to Trump’s alt-right crowd as well as the die-hard Hillary haters who went along with Bernie Sanders for the ride, Alex Jones wants Donald Trump to accuse Hillary Clinton of treason at tonight’s debate. And yes, Alex Jones, like Trump, dared to abuse the word “truth” – something neither man knows anything about. read more

Alex Jones and Roger Stone Speculate About the State of Huma Abedin’s Genitals

To Roger Stone's suggestive, "I think she’s a Saudi asset," Alex Jones could find only a vulgar reply: "Did Huma have her genitals cut off?"

Alex Jones Says Hillary Looks Like She Has Down Syndrome and a Lobotomy

"She looks like she’s got...Down syndrome whenever she’s out there with the balloons falling, like she’s a three-year old with a lobotomy."

Ted Nugent Calls Obama a Racist Child-Killing Freak

Ted Nugent claims Obama is trying to kill children by creating gun-free zones but he's the one refusing to keep guns out of the wrong hands

The Incomprehensibly Stupid Things Said by Republicans in 2014

Shubhranshu Choudhary says "Journalism has to become everyone's business," but Fox News says journalism is nobody's business, including, especially, their own