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1/6 Committee Closes In On Trump With Subpoenas For Roger Stone And Alex Jones

The 1/6 Committee has subpoenaed two of Trump's allies in Roger Stone and Alex Jones, who have both bragged about…

7 days ago

This May Be The End For Alex Jones After He Is Found Liable In Sandy Hook Lawsuit

A judge ruled that Alex Jones is liable for damages after he spread conspiracies about the Sandy Hook shooting being…

2 weeks ago

Alex Jones Found Liable for Damages Related to His Sandy Hook Shooting Conspiracy Theories

Infowars host Alex Jones, who often promoted conspiracy theories about the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, was found liable for damages,…

2 months ago

Joe Rogan Defends Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones,”None of What They Say is Outrageous.”

Joe Rogan happily tells his viewers that he is not a Republican or a Democrat. His favored candidate during the…

5 months ago

Alex Jones Claims That the Government is Monitoring His Text Exchanges With Tucker Carlson

Alex Jones may have been largely deplatformed at this point, but that hasn't stopped him from continuing to make wild…

5 months ago

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Said He Collaborated With Both Donald Trump and the Secret Service on January 6th

Most political administrations would have considered Alex Jones to be a joke. The Trump administration, though, desperately need the votes…

6 months ago

WATCH: Host From Alex Jones’ InfoWars Says Rioters Should Be Proud of What They Accomplished on January 6th

It has only taken a few months for Republicans to try and gaslight Americans about the January 6th insurrection. Last…

7 months ago

Watch: Alex Jones Ramps up the Crazy, Calls for Fauci and Gates To Be Executed

The United States is finally starting to beat back the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 60% of Americans have received at least…

7 months ago

Report: Roger Stone Aggressively Defended Matt Gaetz After the Congressman Paid Him $5K

When news broke that Matt Gaetz was being investigated for sex trafficking, the Florida lawmaker went on the attack. That…

7 months ago

“I Wish I Never F’ing Met Trump” Alex Jones Slams the Former President in Leaked Video

Donald Trump has been beneficial to Alex Jones' career. Not only did the former president provide Jones with countless story…

9 months ago

Facebook Bans Some Of Trump’s Biggest Supporters For Hate Speech Violations

Facebook banned several high profile alt right supporters of Trump from Facebook and Instagram for hate speech violations.

3 years ago

Alex Jones and Infowars Get the Boot From Vimeo Social Media Platform

The website Vimeo has pulled content from Infowars and its founder Alex Jones from its site for violating the platform’s video…

3 years ago

New Lawsuits Are Fighting Back Against Right Wing Conspiracies

Conspiracy theories have always existed, but in recent years they have been getting more numerous and more troublesome. There is…

3 years ago

GOP Rep Goes Full Crazy And Claims Charlottesville Nazis Were Actually Liberal Actors

This is the kind of unhinged and crackpot rhetoric that is common on Info Wars, but it has no place…

4 years ago

NBC Owned Station That Serves Newtown, CT Won’t Air Megyn Kelly/Alex Jones Interview

The NBC station that serves the town where the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre took place will not be airing Megyn…

4 years ago

In Expletive-Filled Rant, Alex Jones Uses Anti-Gay Slurs to Attack Rep. Adam Schiff

Trump worshiper Alex Jones made his feelings about Schiff more than plain when he accused Schiff of "sucking globalist d---"

5 years ago

German Media Warns That The Right’s “Hitler-like Führer” Worship of Trump is Dangerous

The German magazine noted for its investigative journalism outed "America's biggest conspiracy theorist" and "epitome of fake news" Alex Jones…

5 years ago

CPAC Turns into Anti-Globalist Hate-Fest and Alex Jones Wants You to Kill Yourself

So far at CPAC we have seen nonstop attacks on "globalists" and "globalism" - and this from a president who…

5 years ago

Some in Media Appallingly Agree with Alex Jones About Trump

Alex Jones claims he and Trump are both reading from the 'sheet music of reality.' Early indications are the mainstream…

5 years ago

Trump Attacks on Clinton and CIA Director Brennan Lead us Down a Slippery Slope

This is a slippery and dangerous slope down which Trump and his surrogates have embarked. This is how dictatorships function,…

5 years ago

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