Alexander Hamilton

The Panama Papers Show it’s Time for ‘No Representation Without Taxation’

The Panama Papers reveal how the elite work against us. If our cry should not be "off with their heads!"…

7 years ago

David Barton Says Woman on $10 Bill Denigrates Entire Economic System

This is an attempt to erase our history, we are told by a conservative on a show hosted by a…

8 years ago

Why We Vote for Judges – and Should We?

It was not originally intended that we vote for judges, and we can tank Alexander Hamilton for the unintended innovation…

8 years ago

Right-Wing Justice Scalia is Crusading to Establish Religion by Constitutional Fiat

Koch and Vatican surrogate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia delivered a judicial sermon at Colorado Christian University and informed 400…

8 years ago

The Supreme Court’s Shameless War on American Democracy

The Supreme Court ought to be protecting democracy. Like the other branches of the government, it answers to the people

9 years ago

Not Their (De)fault: House Republicans Think Tanking The Economy Will Make It Stronger

A group of House Republicans are arguing that that the nation's credit rating would actually be better if the United…

9 years ago