All Lives Matter

Will Trump’s Genocidal Administration Push Americans to Address History, Make All Lives Matter?

As many have pointed out, making Black lives matter is a precursor to making all lives matter.  To make all…

1 year ago

Opinion: Alicia Garza and William Barber Explain Why Black Lives Matter is the Ultimate Antidote to Trumpism

Recent polling indicates that an overwhelming number of Americans, close to 75%, support the protests, inspired by George Floyd’s murder,…

1 year ago

Republicans in Congress Forgot That “All Lives Matter” When Crafting Trumpcare

If Republicans in Congress wanted to demonstrate that indeed all lives mattered to them they would not be making drastic…

4 years ago

In Ugliest Rally Yet Trump Supporters Shove African-Americans While Spewing Hate

Donald Trump sneered his contempt as more than two dozen protesters linked arms to chant "Black Lives Matter”, while other…

6 years ago

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