MSNBC Guest: Feds ‘Will Be Waiting With Cuffs’ As Trump Leaves Office

AM Joy Reid and Elie Mystal

Appearing on the MSNBC show AM Joy, legal analyst and Above the Law editor Elie Mystal said that Donald Trump is desperate to win re-election in 2020 because if he doesn’t, he will likely be arrested immediately by prosecutors representing the Southern District of New York (SDNY). read more

Joy Reid Takes Out Hypocrite Trump On Arming Teachers

MSNBC's Joy Reid pointed out that Trump called for arming teachers while speaking at the NRA convention which was a gun-free zone.

Former Prosecutor Lays It Out: Trump/Russia Was A High Tech Watergate

Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman said that the Trump/Russia scandal is a high tech Watergate, and an example of the technology catching up with the crimes.


Akerman said on MSNBC’s AM Joy, “Instead of bringing a bunch of guys up from Miami to break into the Watergate headquarters, the Democratic headquarters, they did it with the Russians who did it electronically this time making it a lot more difficult to uncover. It’s not like they could put tape on the door and a police officer would walk in and find a bunch of burglars. This made it very hard to detect in the first instance. But it also made it much more insidious in the sense that they were able to take a lot more, and you could see what they did with it. And it was all done for the purpose of getting Donald Trump So absolutely, this is like just go ahead 45 years, and it’s just now met up with the technology of what we’re looking at here.” read more

Joy Reid Exposes Trump WH In Damning Clip Of Aides Lying About Effort To Fire Robert Mueller

All of the interviews shown in the clip took place after Trump reportedly ordered White House counsel to remove Mueller from his post.

Joy Reid Epically Smacks Down Pastor For Using The Bible To Defend Trump’s ‘S**thole’ Remarks

There is not a holy book on the face of the planet – certainly not the Bible – that can justify Trump's words or deeds.

Jaws Drop As Roy Moore Supporter Says She’d Support Him Even With Proof Of Child Molestation

It's just the latest evidence that supporters of Donald Trump, Roy Moore and other high-profile Republicans will allow their candidates to get away with anything.

Chris Matthews Calls Trump The ‘Groundhog Day’ Of Presidents: Same ‘Idiotic’ Stuff Every Day

Each day of this presidency is a rerun of the last, with Trump recklessly lashing out on Twitter about everything from television ratings to NFL players to his former 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton. 

Watch Joy Reid Destroy A Conservative Who Tried To Get Going On The Clinton Uranium Conspiracy

MSNBC's Joy Reid put on a clinic of how to destroy a conservative conspiracy theory when the topic of the Clinton Uranium One deal came up.

Malcolm Nance Throws Hammer Down On White House, Says Trump Is Under Complete Russian Control

Nance Russia Trum

"He may not even know that he is an asset under your control until you pull that string, and then suddenly you need him to do things for you – and they do."

AM Joy Bursts Into Laughter As Pro-Trump Analyst Goes Full Crazy To Defend Don Jr. Meeting

Unable to defend the content of the actual meeting, the analyst just repeatedly held up funny pictures of Rob Goldstone, the man who arranged the meeting.

Keith Ellison Slams Trump For Inspiring Wave Of Anti-Muslim Violence And Rallies

Since Trump's emergence as a political figure, bashing the Muslim community has been one of his biggest applause lines among his supporters.

Maxine Waters Storms MSNBC To Slam Trump’s ‘Kremlin Clan’, Flynn’s Immunity Request

With members of Congress like Maxine Waters calling them out, Trump and the White House will not get away with lying about or diverting attention from their clear ties to Russia.

Rep. Maxine Waters Drops A Truth Bomb: Republicans Have No Choice But To Impeach Trump

On MSNBC's AM Joy, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) explained why Republicans are going to have no choice but to impeach President Trump after evidence of his presidential campaign's collusion with Russia surfaces.

Malcolm Nance Calls Trump Out On AM Joy: He’s A Dangerous “Conspiracy Theory President”

Malcolm Nance

"We've got a very serious problem here. This man may be in a position where he will start causing true harm to American democracy."

Jaws Drop As Malcolm Nance Tells AM Joy Trump Is Acting Like He Knows He’s Caught

On MSNBC's AM Joy, intelligence and counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance dropped an insightful shocker. Nance interpreted President Trump's behavior of that of a target who is getting buggy because they know that they are caught.

Intelligence Expert Explains Why Donald Trump is the Perfect KGB Recruit

Sound familiar? Malcolm Nance described the kind of person the KGB sought out to manipulate, "This is who the KGB targeted for recruitment. Egocentric people, who lack moral principles, who are either too greedy or who suffer from exaggerated self importance. These are the people KGB wants and finds easiest to recruit."

Trump’s Carrier Lie Exposed As There Is No Guarantee That Jobs Will Stay In The US

The union leader for the Indianapolis Carrier plant where Trump supposedly saved jobs said in an interview that there is no guarantee that the jobs are going to stay in the US.

The Resistance Grows As Top Democrat Says Republicans Also Want Trump To Be Investigated

Contrary to what the mainstream press has been selling, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings, said that Republicans are also calling his office and demanding that Congress investigate Trump.