Former Prosecutor Lays It Out: Trump/Russia Was A High Tech Watergate

Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman said that the Trump/Russia scandal is a high tech Watergate, and an example of the technology catching up with the crimes.


Akerman said on MSNBC’s AM Joy, “Instead of bringing a bunch of guys up from Miami to break into the Watergate headquarters, the Democratic headquarters, they did it with the Russians who did it electronically this time making it a lot more difficult to uncover. It’s not like they could put tape on the door and a police officer would walk in and find a bunch of burglars. This made it very hard to detect in the first instance. But it also made it much more insidious in the sense that they were able to take a lot more, and you could see what they did with it. And it was all done for the purpose of getting Donald Trump So absolutely, this is like just go ahead 45 years, and it’s just now met up with the technology of what we’re looking at here.” read more