Amazon Picks Northern Va. and NYC for New Headquarters

Amazon’s second headquarters — called HQ2 — will be in Northern Virginia’s Crystal City and in New York City, The Washington Post reported last night.

The company is expected to announce today that it is splitting its additional HQ location that will create up to 50,000 jobs, between the two East Coast major cities. read more

Bernie Sanders Is Barnstorming to Help Democrats Win in November

Bernie Sanders is on a battleground tour to help Democratic candidates in the November elections and he may make a big difference in close races.

Sanders has a full October travel schedule, and this is his longest stretch of campaigning since he stopped his 2016 presidential campaign. He is going to many states, including Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada, where there are very important early primaries or caucuses on the 2020 presidential election calendar. read more

Amazon Will Raise Its Minimum Wage to $15 An Hour

Bernie Sanders must be dancing a happy dance today. Early this morning Amazon announced that it is increasing its hourly minimum wage to $15 per hour for all full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees across the United States. A higher minimum wage has been one of Senator Sanders’ primary policy proposals for many years. read more

Prime Crazy: Trump Thinks Amazon Is Out To Get Him

Trump thinks that Amazon and The Washington Post are the same company, and they are out to get him.

Here Are Two Ways Jeff Bezos Could Shut Down Trump

Trump loves to tweet, and now twitter is firing back at the president who has been posting some nasty tweets about Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Many people on the White House staff have tried to stop Trump from tweeting, but to no avail.  Now former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara has come up with a great suggestion. read more

Amazon Caused Donald Trump to Lose $400 Million Last Year

Now we know why Trump has been attacking Amazon so fiercely in the press recently.

An article published in Fortune Magazine last fall stated that Donald Trump’s net worth dropped by more than $600 million last year, from $3.6 billion to $3.1 billion. What was unusual is that the article specifically attributed $400 million of the decline to Trump’s arch-nemesis, Amazon.   read more

Amazon To Pull All Confederate Flag Merchandise Off Of Its Site

Amazon has become the latest retailer to announce that they are pulling all Confederate flag merchandise off of their website.

Why Microsoft’s Rumored Plan For a Cloud-based OS is a Bad Idea

If Microsoft is seriously considering a cloud-based OS, then maybe where innovation is concerned, Microsoft ought to just stick to copying everything Apple does