Bernie Sanders Invites Jeff Bezos To Testify At Hearing About Amazon’s Anti-Union Activities

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) invited Jeff Bezos to testify at a hearing about Amazon's anti-union activities.

2 months ago

Biden Gets Standing Ovation As He Puts Amazon On Notice That The Union Is Coming

Biden got a standing ovation at the North America’s Building Trades Union Legislative Conference when he was talking about unions and said Amazon,…

3 months ago

House Judiciary Committee Refers Amazon Execs To DOJ For Criminal Activity

In a bipartisan move, the House Judiciary Committee has referred Amazon executives to the DOJ for obstructing its investigation.

4 months ago

Opinion: Why Defending Democracy Means Taking on “Amazons” of America

We need large organizations that bring people and their power together to insist that people matter and deserve a voice…

12 months ago

Opinion: To Really Save Democracy, Democrats Must Rally Behind Biden’s Labor Advocacy

On the whole, as a culture, we don’t speak much of the nation’s failure to extend democracy and civil rights…

1 year ago

They Got Richer But Their Workers Didn’t: Bill de Blasio Encourages New Yorkers to Buy Local Rather Than From Amazon This Prime Day

Not too many Americans had a good year financially in 2020. Jeff Bezos, however, had a banner year. The fortune…

1 year ago

Unions Are Dying…Here’s How to Fix Them (And Why You Should Care)

The broader question is, after years of decline, do unions have a future? And  should the vast majority of Americans…

1 year ago

Sanders: Bezos is Afraid of Workers Unionizing Because They Would “Take on His Greed”

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is afraid of his workers unionzing because they would "take on…

1 year ago

Opinion: By Opposing Minimum Wage Increase, Republicans Scam Taxpayers and Endorse Poverty

While Republicans love to falsely claim that tax cuts for the wealthy pay for themselves through increased economic activity, in…

1 year ago

Lindsey Graham is Furious That Amazon Offered to Help Biden Deliver Vaccines, But Not Trump

Following the November election, Donald Trump essentially stopped doing his job. And it was a bad time to stop as…

1 year ago

Trump Deflects, Tries to Blame Amazon for Postal Service Problems

President Donald Trump attempted to blame Amazon for problems with the United States Postal Service (USPS) as his administration faces…

2 years ago

Opinion: Democracy Dies at Amazon, Are Trump and Bezos Really Such Strange Bedfellows?

Recently Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters for The Washington Post Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig published their assessment of Donald Trump’s presidency…

2 years ago

Amazon Picks Northern Va. and NYC for New Headquarters

Amazon’s second headquarters -- called HQ2 -- will be in Northern Virginia’s Crystal City and in New York City, The…

4 years ago

Bernie Sanders Is Barnstorming to Help Democrats Win in November

Bernie Sanders is on a battleground tour to help Democratic candidates in the November elections and he may make a…

4 years ago

Amazon Will Raise Its Minimum Wage to $15 An Hour

Bernie Sanders must be dancing a happy dance today. Early this morning Amazon announced that it is increasing its hourly…

4 years ago

Prime Crazy: Trump Thinks Amazon Is Out To Get Him

Trump thinks that Amazon and The Washington Post are the same company, and they are out to get him.

4 years ago

Here Are Two Ways Jeff Bezos Could Shut Down Trump

Trump loves to tweet, and now twitter is firing back at the president who has been posting some nasty tweets…

4 years ago

Amazon Caused Donald Trump to Lose $400 Million Last Year

Now we know why Trump has been attacking Amazon so fiercely in the press recently. An article published in Fortune…

4 years ago

Amazon To Pull All Confederate Flag Merchandise Off Of Its Site

Amazon has become the latest retailer to announce that they are pulling all Confederate flag merchandise off of their website.

7 years ago

Why Microsoft’s Rumored Plan For a Cloud-based OS is a Bad Idea

If Microsoft is seriously considering a cloud-based OS, then maybe where innovation is concerned, Microsoft ought to just stick to…

8 years ago