Trump’s RNC Is Running A Pay For Play Scheme On His Own Nominees

The RNC has become as mobbishly corrupt as Trump these days. The RNC appears to have strong-armed Trump supporting billionaire…

3 years ago

The Truth, “No president in history has done more for Israel’s security than Obama”

Republicans hope to paint Democrats as "anti-American" "Nazis" if they don't attend Netanyahu's speech, but President Obama has done more…

8 years ago

Israeli Ambassador Jokes About Working To Undermine President Obama

Netanyahu's Ambassador Ron Dermer figured Super Bowl Sunday was a great day to kick sand in the President's face by…

8 years ago

Israeli Ambassador Throws John Boehner Under The Bus After Disrespect Of Obama Backfires

In an attempt to justify and mitigate Prime Minister Netanyahu's acceptance of an invitation to speak to Congress, Ron Dermer,…

8 years ago

John McCain of Palin Infamy Dares to Question Susan Rice’s Qualifications

McCain told CBS News that he would block Ambassador Rice's confirmation, saying she's 'not very bright' and 'not qualified.'

10 years ago

The Smirking Sociopath: Romney Finds Sick Joy in Using Libya to Attack Obama

Romney's smirk revealed his belief that the pursuit of political expediency was worth appealing to a sick segment of society…

11 years ago