American Exceptionalism

Opinion: Now that Trump Killed American Exceptionalism, Will Americans Reflect and Change?

Opinion: Now that Trump Killed American Exceptionalism, Will Americans Reflect and Change?

When a reporter asked Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a news conference last Tuesday what he thought about Donald…

4 years ago

Democrats evolve to “demand the impossible” against GOP Cynicism

One of my favorite book titles is that of Tom Moylan’s 1986 study of utopian literature: Demand the Impossible. He…

5 years ago

People Are an Abstraction, American Exceptionalism is Not?

Conservatives want you to believe that American history consists of the mighty white Northern European male imposing his will on…

9 years ago

The Valueless Voters Summit Recap

Trending at the Values Voters Summit: when "a president praises a promiscuous co-ed," it is "the definition of civilization decline"

11 years ago

Gun Nuts to Build 2,000 Acre Citadel in Idaho’s American Redoubt

How do America's most extreme gun enthusiasts want to live? You'll soon get to find out as they build their…

12 years ago

How the Pax Americana is to Blame for Israel’s Attacks on Gaza

Israel could not have attacked Gaza without the tacit consent of the American government, which persists in seeing Israel as…

12 years ago

Ryan to Evangelicals: Obama’s Path Compromises Judeo-Christian Values

Paul Ryan says Obama's path compromises some non-existent values; the real problem is that Obama stands between Ryan and the…

12 years ago

Ask Osama bin Laden is he is better off now than he was four years ago

John Kerry exposed the Romney-Ryan foreign policy as the neocon shell game that it is, contrasting it with the steady…

12 years ago

Bryan Fischer Says Sikh Temple Shooter a Liberal Because He’s a Nazi

Fischer claims the the neo-Nazi Sikh temple shooter was a liberal because he was a Nazi but a glance at…

12 years ago

Similarities Between the Tea Party and English Skinheads are Frightening

An English movie, 'This is England' could have very well been the story of the American Tea Party with numerous…

12 years ago

A Look at 30 Extremists Who Want to Destroy America

Southern Poverty Law Center offers a list of 30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right, who represent the worst…

12 years ago

While Obama Lives It Romney Can’t Comprehend America’s Exceptionalism

The American dream was being born poor, studying, and working hard to find success is something Romney can't understand, while…

12 years ago

Occupy the Bible

The Religious Elite like the Wealth Elite wants us to subordinate our interests to their own. We can Occupy the…

12 years ago

Cults of Personality – The GOP’s 2012 Narratives

The Republican presidential hopefuls have established cults of personality in line with Max Weber's model of charismatic leadership

12 years ago

Santorum Doctrine to Attack Nations If We Don’t Like Their Religion

Santorum says it is okay to attack another country if we don't like their religion, even though that religion sounds…

13 years ago

Indiana Law Would Punish Schools for Getting National Anthem Wrong

A new Indiana law would punish schools that stray from lyrical and melodic guidelines for the national anthem, stifling artistic…

13 years ago

Debunking the Conservative Myth of American Exceptionalism

Many Republicans and Tea Party groups are of the misguided opinion that America has the right to do whatever it…

14 years ago

The Right’s False Patriotism: American ≠ Israeli

Why did Sarah Palin keep an Israeli flag in her office in Juneau? She needed an American flag and an…

14 years ago

Sarah Palin Attacks President Obama’s Patriotism

Sarah Palin recently took to her Facebook page to claim that President Obama does not accept the greatness of America.…

14 years ago