Bryan Fischer Says Liberals Hate America and Christianity

Bryan Fischer dishonestly says liberals hate America and Christianity because they want to replace America as it was founded

Republicans Have Created Racist Frenzy With Baseless Obama Gun Confiscation Talk

the NRA, Republicans, and so-called patriots are driving gun fanatics and racists into frenzy by asserting President Obama is on a mission to confiscate guns, and invalidate the 2nd Amendment.

Conservatives Release the Propaganda Hounds in Defense of Religious Bigotry

A collection of WTF Boy Scout moments, brought to you by the party that hasn't read the Bible they're using to beat us over the head

Right Wing Insanity Boils Over With Claim Marriage Equality Caused Noah’s Flood

Right wing Pastor Scott Lively hit a new level of crazy even for the far right by claiming that same sex marriage caused Noah's Flood.

Conservatives Are Dreaming of a ‘White’ Christmas

Conservatives are dreaming of a 'white' Christmas, and that is all Christmas really is to them: a means to an end that has no role for Jesus

Conservatives Introduce Their New Fantasy: Barack the Destroyer

Bryan Fischer introduces Barack the Destroyer, the man who wants to destroy America and make Americans suffer because of their racism

Let’s Not Give Right Wing Religious Idiots and Hypocrites the Last Laugh

The Religious Right says some laughable things, but there is nothing laughable about their money, power - or influence on American politics

Republicans are Blaming George Clooney for Mitt Romney’s Defeat

The braniacs at World Net Daily and the American Family Association have convinced themselves we voted for Obama because George Clooney did

Bryan Fischer, Kicked off CNN for Lying, Reacts like Childish Buffoon

Bryan Fischer appeared on CNN this week to share his hateful and dishonest spew but ran into a host who was having none of it

Meme of Desperation – Bush Gave Middle East 10 Years of Peace

In a breathtaking revision of history, we are being told that President Bush gave the Middle East ten years of peace

Corporations Unleash a Plague of Fake Citizen’s Groups

Deceptively named front groups, posing as grassroots organizations while actually representing corporate interests, are becoming rampant.

The Value Voters Summit Was An All-Inclusive Un-American Hate Group

The Values Voters Summit was not an expression of American values or a representation of the Constitution's guarantee of freedom and equal rights.

How the Republican Party Became the Party of Hate

The Republican Party is not the party of Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, Ricard Nixon or arguably, Ronald Reagan. It has morphed into some evil entity that even Richard Nixon would shudder.

Bryan Fischer Says Sikh Temple Shooter a Liberal Because He’s a Nazi

Fischer claims the the neo-Nazi Sikh temple shooter was a liberal because he was a Nazi but a glance at the rhetoric tells a different story

And Google Shrugged – The Insane Fundamentalist Dream of Boycotting Google

The American Family Association is toying with the idea of boycotting Google because it supports LGBT rights. I say good luck with that.

Fundie Says Obama is Gay, Imprison Gays Before They Kill Kids

Discredited psychologist and anti-gay "expert" Paul Cameron, claims that Obama is gay and that gays must be imprisoned before they kill kids