Industries In Battle With Koch Groups Over Special Tax Benefits

Groups backed by Charles Koch are urging Congress not to renew expired tax breaks during the lame-duck session that ends in December. Traditionally members of Congress like to revive the tax breaks which have expired. Koch and his supporters fear that will happen this year and are applying pressure to make sure that doesn’t happen. read more

The Koch Brothers Are Spending $20 Million to Convince Voters on GOP Tax Bill

Because just 39 percent of poll respondents had a favorable view of the Trump/Republican tax cut bill in an April Gallup poll, the GOP’s biggest billionaire mega-donors are spending $20 million in a new effort to convince more people that they should like the tax law change which gives unneeded tax breaks to billionaires while exploding the U.S. deficit. read more

Kochs Secretly Fund the NRA, Chamber of Commerce, Religious Right and Club For Growth

Every Republican at every level of government spouts the same lie, the same twisted logic, to harm American workers

The Kochs Keep America Behind The Developed World In Using Free Energy

The Koch brothers are doing everything in their power to restrict Americans from tapping into the free energy from sunlight.

The Koch Brothers Complain About Buying Low Quality Republicans Who Lack Substance

The Koch brothers have no right to complain about the tone of Republican politics because it is exactly what they paid for and wanted

Conservative Prays For Katrina-Like Disaster In Chicago To Give Corporations Government Control

Instead of noting how inept the Bush response to help tens-of-thousands of Americans was, or mourning the loss of 1,800 lives, this sick psychotic conservative hoped that an equally-catastrophic disaster would strike the city of Chicago.

Dirty Liar Charles Koch Campaigns As An Advocate For the Poor

The only regard Charles or David Koch have for the poor is keeping them in poverty and subjugated to the rich at any cost

We Need To Phase Out Medicare, Says Jeb Bush at Koch Brothers Sponsored Event

Jeb Bush told an audience at a Koch brothers' sponsored Americans for Prosperity event in New Hampshire, that we need to phase out Medicare.

While Shell Plans For Climate Catastrophe The Kochs Kill Renewable Energy

ere are two fronts in the dirty energy industry's war on the climate with funding and legislative support from the Koch brothers on renewable energy and regulations to reduce carbon emissions. ere are two fronts in the dirty energy industry's war on the climate with funding and legislative support from the Koch brothers on renewable energy and regulations to reduce carbon emissions.

The Koch Brothers Try To Fool The American People With An Evil PR Campaign

What is missing from the long list of Koch demands to abolish virtually the entire government is exactly how it will help Americans.

Koch Brothers Astroturf Director Fails Again With “Millions Of Montanans” Tweet

Montanans may not be fans of President Obama, but they also are suspicious of organizations funded by out of state billionaires.

The 21st Century Koch-Christian Crusade Is Killing Thousands Of Americans

The common demand from the religious right is "show just one instance of Christians killing anyone NOW," not 1,000, 60, 30, or even 12 years ago. It is really an unfair demand, but one that is easily answered without ever looking outside of America's borders.

Koch Brothers Group Shouted Down By Irate Citizens During Montana Town Hall Meeting

The Koch Brothers probably thought opposition to Obamacare would be an easy sell in Kalispell, but their town hall meeting backfired.

Media Matters Names George F. Will Misinformer of the Year

Will's most egregious sin may have been his "attacking and dismissing rape victims" but climate denialism and ethical lapses also dogged him

Chris Christie Advocates For Election Rigging By Republicans Controlling The “Voting Mechanism”

Christie may not have the anti-voter credentials of some of his Republican brethren, but he does not support the right to vote for all Americans.

Mitch McConnell Admits Republicans Want Kansas’ “Conservative Hell” Enacted Nationally

McConnell is anxious to lead the Senate and join House Republicans in enacting Brownback's Koch brother model at the national level.

The Koch Brothers, ALEC and the GOP Are Trying To Win The Election By Destroying Democracy

Crucial to their success is Republicans' heavy dependence on one of the Koch brothers' legislative arms, the American Legislative Exchange Council, to create template legislation for Republicans to block access to voting in what can only be termed as a direct assault on America's rapidly waning democracy.

Koch Group Sends Out Wrong Registration Info To Hundreds Of North Carolina Voters and a Cat

Koch brothers front Americans For Prosperity is reaching into their bag of dirty tricks by sending hundreds of North Carolina voters and one cat incorrect voter registration information.

Southern Republicans Drag the Rest of the Nation Down by Doing the Kochs’ Bidding

The real tragedy is that as stupid Southern voters do the Kochs' bidding by keeping Republicans in power, at least in their states, they are dragging the rest of the nation down to their level

ALEC Members Refuse to Sign a Pledge Supporting Democracy

ALEC members were recently asked to sign a pledge to support democracy, and they refused. Not only did they refuse to sign the pledge, but the corporate media didn't report on it.