Amy Coney Barrett

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Wants To Overturn Roe To Create A “Domestic Supply Of Infants” For Adoption

Buried in the Alito Roe draft opinion is the idea that Roe needs to be overturned to create a domestic…

9 months ago

Amy Coney Barrett Gets Heckled At The Reagan Presidential Library

A protester called Justice Amy Coney Barrett, an enslaver of women, during an appearance at the Reagan Presidential Library.

10 months ago

Opinion: When Will Democrats Take Off Gloves In Fight For Civil and Human Rights?

For whom does the hangman need to come for moderate and conservative Democrats to care?

1 year ago

Mitch McConnell is the Latest Villain in MAGA World

Being a Republican in this day and age requires complete fealty to Donald Trump. To maintain the president and his…

2 years ago

Trump Takes to Twitter to Beg the Supreme Court to Have The Courage to Destroy Democracy

Donald Trump did not do all that well in the 2020 election. He lost to Joe Biden by over 7…

2 years ago

Opinion: Why The Founders Could Not Have Devised A Trump-Proof Democracy

Writing in 1782, in the aftermath of the American Revolution, Thomas Paine exclaimed, “We are now really another people.” What…

2 years ago

Amy Coney Barrett Played Key Role in SCOTUS Decision Barring NY from Reimposing Covid-19 Restrictions on Religious Gatherings

Last night, the Supreme Court voted to bar the state of New York from reimposing Covid-19 restrictions on religious gatherings. The…

2 years ago

White House to Hold Swearing-In Ceremony for Barrett Despite Coronavirus Concerns

The White House plans to hold a swearing-in ceremony for Judge Amy Coney Barrett later tonight following her expected confirmation…

2 years ago

Jaime Harrison Mocks “Sad” Lindsey Graham for Ducking Latest Debate

There are a lot of things going wrong for Lindsey Graham right now. The South Carolina senator has been getting…

2 years ago

Battle to Exclude Undocumented People from Census Exemplifies Trump Agenda: Make Many Lives Not Count

Last Friday the Supreme Court indicated that on November 30 it will hear arguments in the Trump administration’s appeal regarding…

2 years ago

Your Credibility Dies in This Room: Watch Sheldon Whitehouse Tell GOP They Will Regret Confirming Coney Barrett

News of Ruth Bader Ginsbirg's death broke just about a month ago. At the time, a giddy Mitch McConnell could…

2 years ago

Chris Christie Admits he Should Have Worn Mask at Amy Coney Barrett Event

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Donald Trump have long been friends. They had a bit of a hiccup…

2 years ago

McConnell Says GOP Has Votes to Confirm Amy Coney Barrett to SCOTUS

Speaking to reporters in Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Republicans have enough votes to confirm Judge Amy…

2 years ago

Jaime Harrison Rips Lindsey Graham Over his “Good Old Days of Segregation” Comments

Lindsey Graham has typically had an easy road to reelection since joining the United States senate in 2002. But his…

2 years ago

Amy Coney Barrett Refuses To Recuse Herself If The Election Is Contested

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett refused to commit to recusing herself if Donald Trump tries to contest the election.

2 years ago

Democrats Shatter The Republican Facade As Barrett Refuses To Answer On Roe v. Wade

Sen. Dianne Feinstein asked Amy Coney Barrett if she thought Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided, and Trump's SCOTUS nominee…

2 years ago

SCOTUS Hearing Backfires As Democrats Bludgeon Trump And GOP On Healthcare

The hearing that Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and Trump are rushing through has given Democrats a national platform on the…

2 years ago

Amy Coney Barrett Could Be Going Down As 2nd Judiciary Republican Has COVID

The Trump COVID outbreak could be taking down Trump's Amy Coney Barrett nomination as Sen. Thom Tillis became the second…

2 years ago

Democrats Call For A Delay In SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings After Mike Lee Gets COVID

Senate Democrats are calling for a delay in the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett after Sen. Mike…

2 years ago

Trump Possibly Exposed GOP Senators To COVID Which Could Doom His SCOTUS Nominee

Donald Trump and Hope Hicks have had contact with numerous Republican Senators and a Senate COVID outbreak could doom Trump's…

2 years ago

Amy Coney Barrett Hid Her Participation In Ad Calling For Roe v. Wade Overturn From Judiciary Committee

Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, hid her participation in an ad calling for the overturn of Roe v.…

2 years ago

Fox News Analyst: Trump’s Supreme Court Gambit Removes “All Pretense About Justices as Impartial”

Fox News analyst Juan Williams says President Donald Trump nominating Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader…

2 years ago

Kamala Harris Vows To Fight The Nomination Of Amy Coney Barrett

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) vowed to fight Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court.

2 years ago

Trump Unveils Amy Coney Barrett The SCOTUS Nominee Who Will Make Him A 1 Term President

In a moment that could mark the last decision that ended his presidency, Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to…

2 years ago

Ainsley Earhardt: Democrats Think “It’s Okay to Attack If You’re Christian”

Fox News personality Ainsley Earhardt criticized Democrats during this morning's appearance on "Fox and Friends," saying that they are "already…

2 years ago