Opinion: Coronavirus Questions Values of American Economy Itself, as well as Trump’s

When Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker tried to purchase the protective gear necessary for healthcare workers in his state, the problem wasn’t necessarily that the inventories of the equipment he sought didn’t exist. Rather, the obstacle he faced was that the companies warehousing these supplies were sitting on them, letting a bidding war play out between states and between states and the federal government. read more

Opinion: Coronavirus Highlights Inhumanity and Inefficiency of For-Profit Economy

Trump Coronavirus Response

The economic culture in the United States still largely holds to the belief that private industry, guided by the pursuit of private interests and the profit motive, leads to the most efficient and effective economy. Conservatives, of course, cling to this belief on steroids, as is evident in their hallmark platform calling for small government, even no government, railing against bloated government operations and programs such as Social Security, Medicare, national parks, and more. As I’ve written much about lately (here and here, for example), Trump is operationalizing this ideology in hyper-drive, rampantly destroying the public sphere and railing against the public school system as “failing government-run schools,” as he eyes the dismantling of that system as well. read more

Cuomo to Trump: ‘America Is Great Because It Rejects Your Hate Filled Agenda’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) hit back at President Trump on Friday after the president continued his attacks on Cuomo for saying that America was “never that great.”

“We know how tough Trump is: hiding behind tweets & ripping babies from their mothers arms. Let’s get something straight: America is great because it rejects your hate-filled agenda of bigotry & sexism Ny’ers have your number @realDonaldTrump & will fight you all day. Bring it on.” read more

Hillary Announcement: A Sour Sunday For The Right

The surfeit of Republican hand-wringing has begun. Hillary is officially running for president with her online announcement. Yes, THAT Hillary. You know, the Hillary Clinton who has more qualifications for the office than just about all of the modestly accomplished opposition candidates put together.