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Report: Trump Wants Elise Stefanik to Replace Cheney But His Supporters Hate Her

There's a reason why Donald Trump has remained the most powerful figure in the Republican party and it has nothing…

1 year ago

A VA Police Officer Who Gave Money and Encouragement to Kyle Rittenhouse Has Been Fired

On Tuesday, George Floyd received justice as Derek Chauvin was found guilty of his murder. The next major trial this…

1 year ago

Ann Coulter Supports Amy McGrath And Calls For Mitch McConnell’s Defeat

Things are getting really weird as conservative Ann Coulter tweeted praise for Democrat Amy McGrath, and called for Mitch McConnell's…

2 years ago

Ann Coulter Tells Democrats How to Beat Trump in 2020

Ann Coulter on Monday said Democrats can win in 2020 by pointing out that President Trump "hasn’t kept any of…

3 years ago

Anti-Worker Venom also Fueled the Government Shutdown

Though the U.S. government has opened for business again, it is worthwhile to understand the anti-worker venom that perhaps motivated…

3 years ago

Ann Coulter Blasts Trump and Demands He ‘Break Ground’ on Wall

Ann Coulter continued her attacks on President Donald Trump late into Friday night, tweeting just before midnight: ‘NO MORE WORDS!…

3 years ago

Trump Has Succumbed to ‘the Tyranny of Talk Radio Hosts’

As critical agencies within the federal government shut down at midnight Friday, there is no clear sign that a compromise…

3 years ago

Ann Coulter Slams Trump’s Immigration Stunt And Calls The President ‘Senile’

Not only did Trump's immigration stunt fail to change the subject from Michael Wolff's book, but he has alienated at…

4 years ago

Sean Hannity Asks WikiLeaks to Help Blame Russian Hacking on the CIA

"In which Sean Hannity looks for a way to blame Americans for an attack on America that was carried out…

5 years ago

George Takei Brilliantly Ridicules Ann Coulter’s Racist Voting Claim

"Wait, wait. At least" 4 grandparents? Just how many are we expected to have? We're not all Trump children with…

6 years ago

Ann Coulter’s New Trump Book Is Even Worse Than You Imagined

Coulter makes being dumb a virtue and crudity indispensable...hurt feelings enshrined in gloss to be read alongside Trump's endless whine.

6 years ago

Ann Coulter Wants to See ‘More Violence’ From Trump Supporters Upon the Left

The Right continues to devolve in an effort to justify violence at Donald Trump's rallies. To wit, here is Ann…

6 years ago

Conservatives Freak Out – Call Spanish Language Debate ‘Pandering’

From cries of "Hispandering" to "English please" conservative pundits completely lost it when Spanish speakers were included by Democrats

6 years ago

Radicalized Muslims? It’s Time to Speak of the Radicalization of Christians

The war on terror is not a simple matter of "us" versus "them" (radicalized Muslims) when so many of "us"…

6 years ago

Trump’s New National Co-Chairman Questioned His Moral Center in Emails

Trump's new national co-chairman raised doubts about his "moral center" and his "foundational beliefs" lacking a foundation in Christ

7 years ago

Ann Coulter Wants to be Donald Trump’s Head of Homeland Security

Ann Coulter sees Homeland Security's task to hunt criminals (i.e. people who don't speak English), and impose Anglo-Protestantism on all

7 years ago

Self-Proclaimed Champion of Veterans Jeb Bush, Supported Switfboating John Kerry

Jeb Bush said yesterday in response to Donald Trump's attack on John McCain that all veterans are deserving of respect:…

7 years ago

The Cockroaches Scatter: Ted Cruz Can’t Give Back Conservative Group’s Money Fast Enough

The Council of Conservative Citizens says blacks are "the laziest, stupidest and most criminally-inclined race in the history of the…

7 years ago

America Is Seriously Sick And There Is No Healing

Everyone from President Obama to the mayor of Charleston has made a specific point of saying the aftermath of a…

7 years ago

Dorothy is Wrong – We ARE in Kansas – And it Sucks

Not only have the wheels started to come off democracy everywhere Republicanism reaches, but they have sold the damn wheels.

7 years ago