Anonymous Scores A Major Victory In Cyber War Against Russia

Anonymous has released the personal information of 120,000 Russian soldiers who are in Ukraine.

12 months ago

Anonymous Declares War With #OperationTrump

"We need you to shut down his websites, to...expose what he doesn't want the public to dismantle his campaign…

7 years ago

ISIL Says Anonymous Are Idiots But Anonymous Shows Who the Real Idiots Are

Back in January, in the wake of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the Anonymous collective declared war on the Islamic…

7 years ago

Anonymous Outs 4 Republican Senators As Associated With The KKK And Hate Groups

Republican Senators Thom Tills (NC), Dan Coates (IN), John Cornyn (TX) and Johnny Isakson (GA) have all been outed by…

7 years ago

Anonymous Launches Operation To Shut Down Westboro Baptist Church

Anonymous responded to the Westboro Baptist Church's plan to picket the funerals of the Charleston shooting victims by launching an…

8 years ago

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Declares War on ISIL

What will #OpCharlieHebdo mean for ISIL? Given the hacktivist group's record so far, ISIL might want to refer back to…

8 years ago

The Traditionalist American Knights Of The KKK Want to Kill The Group Anonymous

The TAK KKK (Traditionalist American Knights) wants to kill hacktivist group Anonymous. Why? Because of good old journalism

8 years ago

National Security Goes From ‘Big’ to ‘Even Bigger’

The end of Big Military, it seems, leaves us with Even Bigger computers sifting Even Bigger data to identify and…

10 years ago

Anonymous Demands Justice After Bullied and Alleged Gang Raped Teen Ends Her Life

A 17-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons hung herself in her family's bathroom last week after pictures of her allegedly being gang raped…

10 years ago

The Protesters of the Steubenville Rape Case Inspire Real Change

Because of the attention the Steubenville case has gotten, San Luis Obispo has launched a campaign to encourage the reporting…

10 years ago

The Sons and Daughters of Liberty: Anonymous

So who are these people that they call Anonymous? Who are these new patriots who don't carry a rifle and…

10 years ago

Did Anonymous Strike Again and Target Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns?

The mysterious hacktivist group may have struck again and this time, Mitt Romney's taxes may have been the target.

11 years ago

Pwning Intellectual Property? Hints of New Political Horizons

A funny thing happened on the way to the market. Evidence points to millions of computer users realized there are…

11 years ago