Fauci Says It’s “Frustrating” to See the Lack of Masks at Trump Rallies

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Speaking to CBS News’ Gayle King earlier today, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top expert on infectious diseases, acknowledged the frustration he feels when he notes the lack of masks at President Donald Trump’s rallies. Dr. Fauci has repeatedly stressed the importance of mask-wearing as the most important thing people can do to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus. read more

Dr. Fauci Warns Against Rushing Out a Coronavirus Vaccine Without Proper Testing

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Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned against distributing an emergency Coronavirus vaccine until proper testing can be carried out. Doing so could harm other vaccine trials, he said.

The infectious diseases expert told Reuters that releasing a vaccine before it can be proven to be effective and safe would be harmful. His comments come as President Donald Trump has pushed for just such an action. read more

USA Today Says Peter Navarro’s Article Attacking Fauci Didn’t Meet Our Fact-Checking Standards

Peter Navarro calls Biden the candidate of the Chinese communists

USA Today has said an op-ed it published attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci contained misleading statements. The newspaper is at the center of a storm involving the White House and the Coronavirus.

President Donald Trump’s economic adviser Peter Navarro wrote the op-ed attacking Fauci, which the newspaper now admits it did not correct the article for errors. read more

As Trump Renews Attacks, New Lincoln Project Ad Asks If You Prefer Trump or Fauci


The Lincoln Project, a Republican anti-Trump super-PAC released a new ad asking viewers whether they trust President Donald Trump or Dr. Anthony Fauci on matters related to the novel coronavirus. The ad comes after reports revealed that the White House had sought to discredit and undermine Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, after his relationship with Trump deteriorated. read more