Forget Trump, Anti-Choice Republicans Already Punish Women For Abortion

Forget Trump, Anti-Choice Republicans Already Punish Women For Abortion

Trump’s abortion remark was bad, but it paled in comparison to “the wickedness of the response from anti-choice Republican organizations.

8 years ago

GOP Planned Parenthood Inquisition Expands To Punish Research Scientists

Those being burned at the stake are our scientists who hold lifesaving medical breakthroughs in their hands.

8 years ago

McConnell Promises Republicans Will Escalate The Religious War on Women

Now, the Republicans' first order of business with Mitch McConnell sharing Senate Majority Leader duties with Ted Cruz is precisely…

10 years ago

The Christian Right Boycotts Girl Scout Cookies Over Wendy Davis

The fanatical Christian-right is targeting Girl Scout USA's annual cookie sales for a boycott because the group listed Wendy Davis…

10 years ago

The Koch Brothers Have Given Millions to Anti-Choice Organizations

The Koch brothers have given millions upon millions of dollars to anti-choice organizations using what is known as pass-through groups.

11 years ago

How Many Otherwise Socially Liberal Men Have Abandoned Reproductive Rights?

Some of Ron Paul's otherwise socially liberal followers are an example of men who have turned their backs on reproductive…

12 years ago