Jewish Leaders Opposing Trump’s Rhetoric Plan Boycott Of His AIPAC Speech

Jewish concerns about Trump’s candidacy are not limited to his hateful rhetoric. Jews are concerned about the anti-Semitism common among Trump surrogates and supporters.

Trump Supporters Reject SCOTUS Nominee Merrick Garland Because He’s a Jew

According to Duke, "three open Jewish members" is too many on SCOTUS, because "those Jews" will do "whatever the Jewish agenda is"

Ted Nugent Says Critics of His Antisemitism are ‘Racists’ and ‘Prejudiced’

Nugent doubled down on his antisemitism Monday calling his critics 'racist prejudiced POS' and calling holocaust victims 'soulless sheep'

Jerusalem Post Deputy Managing Editor: Obama May Love Jews, But he is an Anti-Semite

We're back to President Obama being accused of anti-Semitism because he won't let Israel dictate America's foreign policy

Donald Trump Can’t Figure Out Why Jews Support Obama

Donald Trump can't figure out why Jews support Obama. That is because there is no room for Jews in conservative "Murica."

Jessa Duggar Blamed Darwin for Holocaust But Should Look in Her Bible Instead

Jessa Duggar owes her religion to the anti-Semitic Martin Luther. But Darwin, who lived three centuries after Luther, is to blame for anti-Semitism?

GOP Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage During Arab Christian Conference

In a classic case of not knowing one's audience, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Tea Party leader and potential 2016 Presidential candidate, was soundly booed off stage while delivering a speech at an Arab Christian conference in Washington, D.C. Wednesday night.

Beck Compares Revelation of Chris McDaniel’s Racism to Bogus Protocols of Elders of Zion

There can be no possible comparison between what was said about McDaniel and the Protocols, because what was said about McDaniel is true: he is a racist

CNN Intentionally Avoids the Truth About the Tea Party and The GOP

CNN doesn't want to deal with the undeniable connection between the GOP, Tea Party, Fox News, and elements of the Neo-Nazi movement.

Tom Perkins Apologizes for Referencing Kristallnacht But Still Says He is Right

Perkins said, "I think rich as a class are threatened by higher taxes and higher regulation." Oh no!

Conservative Christians Claim They Should be Able to Spew Hate Without Consequence

Please Disregard Above: We No Longer Hate Gays

Conservative Christians want to be able to spew hate and lies but for nobody to have the right to disagree with or refute them