Why Does the World Not End?

I'm perplexed by my continued existence. I mean, supposedly, my gods don't exist, and supposedly, if this Religious Right dude…

8 years ago

The Real Enemy This Halloween isn’t Demons, Says Jesus, But the Rich

The problem with Halloween isn't kids walking around in scary costumes and falling prey to Satanic influences; Jesus has identified…

8 years ago

George W. Bush Keynotes Event Promoting End Times

One of Jesus Christ's commands to his followers was to spread the good news of the kingdom of god by…

9 years ago

Religious Scholar’s Book About the Historical Jesus Exposes Fox News’ Biases

From the moment these words leave Green's lips, "You're a Muslim. So why did you write a book about the…

10 years ago

The GOP Needs to Shed its God Problem Before it’s Too Late

The Republican Party needs to shed its God problem before its unhealthy obsession destroys America

10 years ago

Christian End-Time Fantasies Endanger Us All

Christian end time fantasies are not limited to the world of fiction; these people get elected to office and influence,…

11 years ago

The Apocalypse of John is Irrelevant for America

The Apocalypse of John is a polemic directed at Rome, not an open ended threat against the human race. After…

11 years ago