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Despite Cratering Approval Ratings, Josh Hawley Says He Has “Tremendous Support” in Missouri

Despite Cratering Approval Ratings, Josh Hawley Says He Has “Tremendous Support” in Missouri

Prior to the insurrection that he helped ignite, Josh Hawley was considered a rising star in the Republican party. And…

3 years ago

Trump’s ‘Fire And Fury’ Problem Gets Worse As 57% Don’t Think He Is Fit To Serve

According to a Quinnipiac University poll, 57 percent of Americans believe Trump is not fit to serve as commander-in-chief and…

6 years ago

Trump So Desperate For Praise That He’s Bragging About A Poll Showing 53% Disapproval Rating

The poll Trump bragged about on Thursday shows that 53 percent of the country thinks he hasn't done a good…

6 years ago

Trump’s Approval Rating Hits New Low In Fox Poll As White Men Flee Him In Droves

It's one thing for Donald Trump's approval rating to be so low in a Fox News poll. It's a whole…

6 years ago

Trump’s Approval Rating On Handling Hurricanes Crashes By 20 Points After Puerto Rico Disaster

The finding from CNN is a clear indication that Trump's Katrina-like handling of the devastation in Puerto Rico isn't going…

7 years ago

Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Lowest Point Ever As His Own Supporters Flee In Droves

The poll released Monday showed Trump's approval rating at the lowest level in any survey released since he took office.

7 years ago

Trump Officially Loses His Mind And Tells Supporters He’s More Popular Than Ever

Just today, Gallup clocked Trump's approval rating at a dismal 36 percent.

7 years ago

Trump In Free Fall As His Favorite Poll Shows Approval Rating In The 30s For The First Time

Not only are Trump's numbers continuing to fall, even with his favorite pollster, but the passion and energy are clearly…

7 years ago

Trump’s Approval Rating On Health Care Tumbles Into The 20s As Trumpcare Dies In The Senate

The American people rate Trump's performance on health care worse than any other issue facing the country.

7 years ago

Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Rock Bottom Ahead Of James Comey’s Testimony

The poll also found that a staggering 60 percent of Americans believe the president's relationship with Moscow is either "illegal"…

7 years ago

Republican Poll Shows Trump Approval Tanking By Double Digits Since Inauguration

The American people have come to the conclusion that he just isn't fit to hold this office.

7 years ago

Trump’s Approval Rating Dips Into The 30s As The White House Drowns In Scandal

The Pew Research Center poll never showed Barack Obama's approval rating dropping this low.

7 years ago

Trump’s Approval Rating Tumbles To All-Time Low In Latest Gallup Poll

The new data comes days after Trump took aim at the polls, calling them "fake news" if they find that…

7 years ago

Trump Makes History: First President To Receive Sub-Majority Support On Day One

The beginning of a president's term is typically when the commander-in-chief is most widely supported. For Trump, his numbers are…

7 years ago

Obama’s Approval Rating Hits 60 Percent As He Prepares To Bid Nation Farewell

There is a clear difference between the way Americans look at the current president and the incoming president, and it…

7 years ago

With Trump Disaster Looming, More Americans Recognize How Good Things Are Under Obama

As Hurricane Trump picks up steam on its way to the White House, the American people are coming to grips…

7 years ago

America Hates The Trump Led Republican Party: GOP Unfavorables Soar To 24 Year High

A new Pew Research Poll found that the Republican Party's unfavorable rating had risen to its highest level since 1992.

8 years ago

Poll Fishing: How Today’s Media Distorts Data to Drive Ratings

Recent polls have shown Barack Obama's approval rating on the decline. However, who exactly is "disapproving" of him tells the…

10 years ago

Mitt Romney Replaces Sarah Palin as America’s Most Hated Politician

A new Pew survey has found that Mitt Romney is so unpopular that he has now replaced Sarah Palin as…

12 years ago