Arizona Republicans Prepare to Be Attacked By Spanish Speaking Terrorists

One of the paranoid theories that Arizona Republicans are floating to support their immigration law is that Hezbelloah is going to recruit Mexican immigrants as operatives to come across the border and attack the US. According to the GOP, Mexicans are not coming here for a better life. They're coming here as Hezbollah operatives determined to destroy our way of life. Who knew?

Sarah Palin Accuses Obama of Using AZ Immigration Law to Incite People

Sarah Palin and her Misinformation Express turned up in the safe and comforting arms of Sean Hannity tonight, and Palin claimed that President Obama and the Democrats are using the new immigration law in Arizona to play politics and incite their base. Palin said, "It's really to incite and energize some of Obama's base hoping that they will show up at the polls in the midterm election in November."

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Calls Arizona Immigration Law Totalitarian

On MSNBC's Morning Joe today, Republican Joe Scarborough put the new Arizona immigration law into context by talking about the totalitarian nature of this law. He said, "For every 10 illegal immigrants that they catch and send back home, what about that one American citizen who is a Hispanic who now every time that he goes to the grocery store has to be worried that he is going to be stopped..."