Armed rebellion

Trump’s Assassination Suggestion Is Typical For Republicans

Trump’s Assassination Suggestion Is Typical For Republicans

Trump's comment about violence against Hillary Clinton proves he is an NRA Republican and that guns are the solution to…

7 years ago

Treasonous Republicans Warp the Constitution To Justify Nullifying Federal Laws

Republicans persistently claimed they, and only they, adhere to the constitution regardless they routinely disregard or misrepresent the document to…

10 years ago

Virginia Republicans Call for Armed Revolution if Obama Wins in November

In a newsletter the Virginia Republican Committee is telling Republicans that if President Obama wins reelection, armed revolution will be…

11 years ago

Republicans Wage America’s Second Civil War Over an Imaginary Loss of Freedom

An escalating trend among Republicans is instigating outrage in the population with overt assertions that President Obama threatens Americans' freedom.

11 years ago