Opinion: Paul Manafort Was Already Planning Putin Influence In Washington in 2005

"Paul Manafort pledged to influence politics, business dealings and news coverage inside the United States to benefit President Vladimir Putin's government.”

Trump Kicks Media Out of Black Church While Surrogate Lashes Out at Media for Leaving

Laura Ingraham complained it was "convenient" that CNN feed dropped during Trump visit to black church. Sopan Deb said, "Totally inaccurate"

‘Bombshell’ AP Report About Clinton’s Meetings As Secretary of State Is Actually a Sham

Hillary Clinton meeting Secretary of State

The media has every right to examine the Clinton Foundation's work, but they should do it in a way that is driven by facts.

The Newest “Joe the Plumber” Washes Up On The Shore

I could be wrong, but I suspect Louis Jordan will be sailing into murky political waters very soon.

Is Big Oil Cutting The Price At The Pump To Kill Clean Energy?

Why are the major corporate oil players fighting the business equivalent of a World War to drill for more oil in every available space on earth, land and sea? If oil is going to be such a losing proposition for the foreseeable future, why waste literally billions on highly expanded and continued drilling for the stuff?

Republicans Demanded an Investigation into AP Leaks; Now They’re Blaming Obama

In the lead up to the 2012 elections, Republicans were upset that the Obama administration was getting such great press on national security issues, so they demanded an investigation into the leaks.

Sociopathic Mitt Romney Smiles During and After Presser on Embassy Tragedies

Mitt Romney could barely contain his glee while discussing the murders of four Americans including the US Ambassador to Libya. What was he smiling about?