Airman Ordered to Swear a Religious Oath or Get Out of the Air Force

The United States Air Force, itself sworn to "support and defend the Constitution," cannot abide by, support, or defend either…

7 years ago

Did A White Supremacist Shoot Sikhs in Wisconsin Because of Atheists?

According to Pat Robertson, god led Wade Michael Page to the Sikh temple and killed the church-goer because atheists hate…

9 years ago

Hate Religion Rears Its Ugly Head Again as Obama Hung in Effigy

Terry Jones of Florida Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida dredged up a past that is shameful and violent,…

9 years ago

Living Proof That Obama is a Christian…It’s In the Bible

When President Obama spoke up and said he supported same sex marriage, then yes, he is doing God's work. Why?…

10 years ago

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