Poll Shows Nancy Pelosi Is More Popular Than Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff

Republicans love to attack Nancy Pelosi just as much as Democrats love to attack Donald Trump. Both of them are seen as party leaders and both are polarizing figures in their own way.

But if GOP candidates think that attacking Pelosi is a way to assure victory in November’s midterm elections they may have to think again. read more

Time Magazine Finally Puts Nancy Pelosi On Its Cover

Nancy Pelosi has been involved in politics almost her entire life, ever since she was a little girl running errands for her father who was mayor of Baltimore. But it took until this week for the 78-year-old first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives to make the cover of Time Magazine. read more

New Poll Shows The Republican Attacks On Nancy Pelosi Are A Total Failure

Republicans thought that they could make the midterm election about Democratic House leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, but a new CNN poll reveals that the GOP has wasted tens of millions of dollars, as voters don't consider Pelosi to be a factor in their votes.