Opinion: The House Must Use The Mueller Road Map To Condemn Trump

The pre-Easter weekend news dump of the Mueller report failed. We all heard AG Barr’s pre-emptive strike – a highly unusual presser where he actually trotted out the idea that being frustrated is a defense when one is suspected of conspiring with a hostile foreign power to cheat his way to victory in an election. read more

How Barr Is Protecting Trump By Illegally Making Up His Own Rules

On Sunday, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin published an editorial in The New Yorker, and in it he severely rebuked Attorney General William Barr.

According to Toobin, Barr is continuing to obstruct justice by helping Donald Trump conceal special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report from Congress and from the American people. read more

Trump’s strange yet expected response to Mueller report heightens national security threat

Nonetheless, his complete lack of response and sense of urgency with regard to the first part of Barr’s summary detailing the plot and practices of Russian election interference still must worry us, whether or not his lack of response surprises us.

Trump’s Child Rapist Problem Is About to Get Ugly — and Dangerous

Alexander Acosta CNN

Why did Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta give a very lenient plea deal to Donald Trump’s friend, serial child rapist Jeffrey Epstein, when Acosta was a federal prosecutor?

Why did Trump reward Acosta a few years later by giving him a position in his cabinet? read more