Republican Governors Declare War on Civilized Society

The law defining Georgia as an uncivilized society takes effect on July 1, and among other absurdities legalizes silencers for hunting (human beings).

According to the NRA There are No Americans Who Should Be Restricted From Owning Guns

Recent events revealed that according to the NRA, there are no Americans who should be restricted from owning guns and no reason for any American to destroy the guns they have.

Right Wingers Are More of a Threat to Gun Owners Than Liberals

Republicans from past experience seem to be eager to take away your rights to firearms and shift the blame to Democrats.

A Gun Totting Liberal’s Perspective On the Colorado Shooting

Waking up to the news of the shooting in Aurora, made my stomach churn. Why? I am a firearm owner. What will I read today on Facebook? Not necessarily on the left but from right.