Opinion: Criticizing Saudi Visit, Media Ignores Biden’s Difficult Bind of Saving Democracy

We can’t really judge or evaluate Biden’s meeting with MBS without properly assessing the outright and serious threats to democracy…

7 months ago

Democracy in Peril: 90% of People Want Gun Control But Won’t Get It

What does it mean if 90% of Americans want the right to life, a right enshrined in the Constitution, but…

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Opinion: Will Inflation Worries Push Americans Toward Authoritarianism to Economic Detriment?

The surest way to secure a strong economy that works for the majority of Americans is to support—and vote—for democracy,…

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Opinion: From Inflation to Authoritarianism, Democracy is the Answer

Want to stop autocracy? Want relief from inflation? Democracy is the theory of everything.

11 months ago

Opinion: Trump Reveals Strong Connection Between Authoritarianism and Anti-Abortion Politics

Over the past four years, Americans have gotten a potent dose of autocracy, witnessing Trump’s repeated violations of basic democratic…

2 years ago

What Does an Authoritarian Approach to Higher Education Look Like? Ask Trump and Brazil’s Bolsonaro

We can hear the authoritarian echoes in both Trump’s and Bolsonaro’s policies to lower higher education.

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From Populism to Donorism: The GOP’s Authoritarian Rule Disregards American Majority

Remember last July when Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros and his regime? At…

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David Frum Predicts the Dark Course of Trump’s Impending Authoritarianism

Former speechwriter for President George W. Bush David Frum laid out some terror Wednesday with an eerie predication of the…

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Donald Trump Praised For Not “Using” Evangelicals as Pawns

You have to wonder what bizarre alchemy is taking place when Trump is praised by Evangelicals. It turns out the…

7 years ago

Can The Conservative Mind Be Changed?

Accumulating research suggests political beliefs are hard-wired into our biology, so can conservatives change their minds?

9 years ago

Why Will So Many of the 47% Still Vote for Romney-Ryan?

It would be self-defeating for members of the 47% to vote for Romney-Ryan, so why are so many still going…

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