Opinion: Patriotism Means Rejecting Trump’s Sh*t hole Vision for America

Trump citizenship question

The most patriotic thing an American can do is reject Donald Trump’s sh*t hole “vision” for America. It’s not because Donald Trump proposed it. It’s because his “vision” consistently brought war and political instability every time it was tried by ordinary countries in history who were trying to achieve the exceptionalism that America already has. Exceptionalism doesn’t mean perfection. read more

Over 100 Women May Be Elected to the House in November

Now that Nancy Pelosi is finally appearing on the cover of Time Magazine it may be true that 2018 is “the year of the woman.”

The Democratic Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives is confident that her party will win the majority of House seats in November, putting them back in power and without a doubt making her (again) the Speaker of the House. read more

Another Shocking Upset of Dem. Incumbent Shows ‘Change Can’t Wait’

Another progressive, liberal old white man has fallen to a younger, more progressive minority woman in an urban congressional district. The Washington Post has reported that 66 year old Michael Capuano in Massachusetts lost in the Democratic primary in his bid for an 11th term. The Post said that Capuano conceded to Boston City Councilwoman Ayanna Pressley after polls closed in the state. read more