Baptist Church

This Is A Republican Elected Official’s Version Of Welcoming Refugees To America

Take heart my Hispanic and Latino brothers and sisters. You're not the only ones whose presence in the U.S. makes…

7 years ago

Apparently, Refusing to Stone Gays Means You’re Not a Christian

Of course, the pastor saying this also needs to be stoned for not following the Law of Moses

7 years ago

Baptist Pastor Unwittingly Calls Biblical Marriage a Perversion

Multiple wives are permitted by the Law of Moses, yet according to Pastor James, anything beyond 1 man + 1…

7 years ago

Right-Wing Christians Take It To a New Low By Handing Out Guns In Churches

The notion of so-called Christians exposing themselves as the anti-Christs they really are is being played out in the drive…

7 years ago

Republicans Self Destruct By Moving To the Far Right After Cantor’s Loss

Republicans are convinced that tea partiers are enraged that establishment Republicans did not oppose President Obama over the past five…

7 years ago

Gay Hating Evander Holyfield May Have Taken One Too Many Punches

In the British version of "Big Brother", former heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield uses the bible to rip on homosexuals.

8 years ago

1,000 Evangelical Preachers Will Break the Law and Support Republicans from the Pulpit

On October 7, about a thousand preachers will violate the requirement they agreed to with the IRS by actively providing…

9 years ago

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