Barry Goldwater

Conservative Intellectual Mourns His Party’s Impending Death

Until the conservative movement can live by a commitment to equality, it will not have the moral authority to lead…

7 years ago

Ted Cruz Wants To Strip the Supreme Court’s Authority On Marriage Equality

Apparently, because too many federal courts have followed the Constitution and not the Christian bible on the question of same-sex…

8 years ago

Does Ted Cruz Actually Think He Can Win in 2016?

"I am running for president and I hope to earn your support," Ted Cruz tweeted last night. Does he really…

8 years ago

More Heartache Around the Corner for God’s Own Party in 2016

Where once three-quarters had been Protestants alone, now barely three quarters are even Christian, and the numbers continue to drop

8 years ago

Pat Buchanan Says Democrats Have Forced GOP to Become Party of White People

Pat Buchanan presents an America where Republicans are the black voter's best friend and where whites are forced to be…

8 years ago

Republican Comparisons of Iraq and Vietnam Are Completely False and Hypocritical

If the Republicans win the White House in 2016, any new troop commitment to Iraq would be celebrated by Fox…

8 years ago