Bashar al-Assad

Opinion: Trump Doesn’t Care That American-led Airstrike Kills 18 Syrian Allies

Central Command issued a statement calling the careless attack on American allies a tragic episode and said the cause of…

5 years ago

Sean Spicer Thinks The Problem With His Hitler Lie Was That It Wasn’t ‘On Topic’

"Clearly, I'm aware of [the atrocities of the Holocaust]," Spicer said. "I should've just stayed on topic"

5 years ago

Bush Created ISIS – Not Hillary Rodham Clinton

Bush's response to 9/11 played directly into Osama bin Laden's hands and provided a recruiting tool groups like ISIS could…

6 years ago

No, Nancy Pelosi’s Trip to Syria Was Nothing Like “Tehran Tom’s” Iran Letter

Attempts to link Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria with Cotton's Iran letter, fail, as Pelosi was even briefed by the…

7 years ago

John McCain Despicably Pushes For Full-Scale Middle East War During ISIS Senate Hearing

On Wednesday afternoon, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was his normal warmongering self as he grilled Secretary of State John Kerry…

8 years ago

Hateful Right-Wing Columnist Claims ‘Obama’s Incompetence’ Will Lead To Another 9/11 Attack

In his Sunday column for the Washington Times, Joseph Curl claimed that President Obama has shown his true incompetence when…

8 years ago

President Obama Shows True Leadership By Pushing For Peace Between Israel And Palestine

On Tuesday, an op-ed written by President Obama appeared in Haaretz, Israel's oldest newspaper. This op-ed comes as tensions between…

8 years ago

Remember 9/11 and Never Forget What George W. Bush’s Incompetence Did to America

As the nation remembers the American lives lost at the hands of a terrorist gang, they should take stock of…

9 years ago

Obama’s Smart Syria Decision Has Fractured The Republican Party

Republicans have weighed in on the President's request for authorization to launch a limited strike, but they have splintered off…

9 years ago