Ben Carson Humiliates Himself At Hearing As Member Of Congress Has To Explain How HUD Works

Ben Carson HUD

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) had to explain to HUD Secretary Ben Carson how his own agency works during a House hearing.

Ben Carson Wants to Force the Elderly & Disabled to Work For Rent Subsidies

Ben Carson

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson says he’s raising rents to put poor Americans to work, but according to a new study reported in The Washington Post, the majority of people who receive HUD rent subsidies are either elderly, disabled or already at work. read more

How Trump’s Appointees Are Destroying Our Government

The Republicans’ war on government continues unabated in the Trump Administration.  By continuing to appoint cabinet members who are both corrupt and incompetent, President Donald Trump has succeeded in undermining Americans’ faith in their government.  As a result (Republicans hope) fewer people will look to government for solutions to their problems.  If the government doesn’t function properly then how can it solve peoples’ problems? read more

Ben Carson Raises The Rents Of Poor People After Demanding $31,000 Dining Set

Ben Carson

Trump's HUD Secretary Ben Carson is proposing that the amount of rent paid by the most economically vulnerable Americans who receive housing assistance.

What Trump Calls a ‘Spirit of Optimism’ Sweeping Country is Actually a Wave of BS

Ben Carson says slaves were immigrant, only packed like sardines and chained in the cargo holds. Next, he'll tell us this was 'economy class'

Opinion: Ben Carson Reveals Why Trump Republicans Hate the American People

Carson can’t possibly imagine why President Obama would think of doing “something of that nature,” something like helping Americans at not cost to anyone.

Elizabeth Warren Tears Apart Ben Carson And Exposes Trump Culture Of Corruption

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tore apart Ben Carson's non-answer on whether or not any HUD money would go to Trump and his family to expose an incoming administration that is creating a climate of corruption.

No American Is Safe from Trump’s Wrecking Crew Cabinet 

Trump’s choices are unqualified, but they were chosen for their desire to eradicate federal agencies, not their level of competence or expertise.

Donald Trump is Poaching the Worst and Dimmest for His Administration From Fox News

Donald Trump has moved Fox News' "whole roster off of Rupert Murdoch and onto the taxpayers of the United States."

Even Ben Carson Knows Trouble When He Sees It Which Is Why He Won’t Work For Trump

Ben Carson doesn't want to serve in the Trump administration because he feels he has no government experience. Carson ran against Trump to be the Republican nominee for president.

Ben Carson Aimlessly Wanders Away From Live CNN Interview To Go Find His Luggage

Ben Carson was being interviewed by CNN in front of his childhood home in Detroit when he randomly thought of his luggage and walked off the nationally televised interview to find his bags.

Ben Carson Just Said Trump’s Kids Grew Up Plagued By The ‘Disadvantage’ Of Wealth

Ben Carson

Calling Trump's wealth a disadvantage was stunningly stupid, but it's par for the course.

Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump and Alarmingly Claims There Are ‘Two’ Trumps

There are "two Trumps", Ben Carson said during an event to announce his endorsement of former rival Donald Trump. Carson also alleged that one of these two Trumps is more cerebral.

Ben Carson Drops Out Of The Republican Race In The Most Confusing Way Possible

Ben carson 2016

Ben Carson appears to have dropped out of the Republican race for president, but with a statement that sounded like he was dropping out, but didn't go as far as actually quitting, Carson has stayed true to his brand of vague crazy until the very end.

Here Are The Winners And Losers From Super Tuesday

Here are the winners and losers from Super Tuesday.

Here Are The Winners And Losers Of The CNN Republican Debate

winners and losers cnn republican debate in texas

Here are the winners and losers from the CNN Republican debate in Texas.

Here Are The Winners And Losers From The CBS Republican Debate

winners and losers of CBS Republican debate in South Carolina

Here are the winners and losers from the CBS Republican debate in South Carolina.

Here Are The Winners And Losers From ABC’s Republican Presidential Debate

ABC News Republican Debate

Here are the winners and losers from the ABC News Republican presidential debate.

Here Are The Winners And Losers From The Fox News Republican Debate

Here are the winners and losers from the Fox News/Google Republican presidential debate.

5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Didn’t Watch The Fox Business Republican Debate

fox business republican debate

Marco Rubio goes all tin foil hat on Obama and guns and four other reasons to be glad that you didn't watch the Fox Business Debate.