WATCH: Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire Panel Calls For Taxes to be Raised on the Poor

Donald Trump was not a traditional President in any sense. He did, however, do one thing that was very traditionally Republican. He gave the richest people in the country a massive tax break.

Like Ronald Reagan and the Bush‘s before him, Trump said that benefiting the wealthiest people would grow the economy. Time and time again, however, it has been shown that trickle down economics doesn’t work. read more

Disney CEO: Gina Carano Wasn’t Fired Over Politics, It Was About Decency and Respect

It wasn’t so long ago that Gina Carano was starring on the hit show The Mandalorian. There were also plans for the actress and former MMA fighter to have her own spin-off show.

That never came to pass, however. Carano who had an active social media presence was fired in February of this year. The last straw for the actress seemed to be when she compared the treatment of Conservatives to the treatment of Jews during the holocaust. read more