Benedict XVI

It is Time for Peaceful Christians to Speak Up for Coexistence

According to the Religious Right, Islam is the enemy, and ISIL, or ISIS as it is often called, is a…

8 years ago

The Pope Calls Failed Christians Pagans – He is Wrong and This is Why

For the Pope, humility-challenged Christians are Pagans but it was the Church that found Jesus' poverty and humility too radical…

9 years ago

WND Says Social Justice Doesn’t Come from Jesus but from the KGB

The KGB has cleverly and diabolically re-written every Bible ever sold all the way back to the second century of…

9 years ago

Sarah Palin Rejects Pope Francis I’s Liberal Agenda

Palin said, "He's had some statements that to me sound kind of liberal, has taken me aback, has kind of…

9 years ago

Pope Francis the Hipster and What He Means for America’s Culture Wars

You have to wonder at what point Pope Francis will have pulled the rug out from beneath America's Catholic and…

9 years ago

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Says the Republican Party is a Religion

Priebus says what ultimately that "we're salt and light in the world and that we're honoring God in the…

9 years ago

How Christian Myth Overinflates the Religious Right’s Sense of Self Importance

The Fundamentalist Christian sense of self-importance paradoxically makes them essential to civilization, which existed long before the Bible

9 years ago