Bernie Sanders Officially Announces He’s Running for President Again

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is running for president again. He announced this morning that he is launching a second campaign for the White House four years after his surprisingly strong bid for the Democratic Party’s 2016 nomination. read more

Sanders Supporters Deny Attacking O’Rourke’s Liberal Credentials

It was inevitable that as soon as Beto O’Rourke‘s name started rising in the polls of 2020 Democratic presidential contenders that he would also start being attacked by his competitors.

By some estimates there could be as many as 20 Democrats vying for the 2020 nomination, so competition will definitely be very fierce and intense. And even though he has not said he was running, O’Rourke’s name keeps showing up near the top in all recent polls. read more

Bernie Sanders Has A Bold Agenda for House Democrats

The 2018 midterm results show that the American people have rejected Donald Trump, and his agenda. And as Senator Bernie Sanders says, they’ve also rejected “his racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and religious bigotry.” read more

Progressives Want a Vote on ‘Medicare for All’ In New Congress

Democrats in support of single payer healthcare will push for a vote on their controversial healthcare legislation in the House of Representatives after they take control in January.

However many believe that if progressives do push for single payer (also known as Medicare for All) legislation it is likely to divide Democrats in the new Congress. It will also create an unwanted headache for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi D-Calif.), or whoever becomes Speaker of the House next year. read more

Bernie Sanders Rips Trump in Indiana As He Kicks Off 2020 Campaign.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was in campaign mode Friday night in Bloomington, Indiana where thousands of people heard him direct some harsh words toward the current occupant of the White House.

“Now Trump, he’s a very, very tough guy,” Sanders told his audience of over 3,000 people. “He’s a very, very strong guy when he tears little children at the border from the arms of their mothers. What a tough guy. But he ain’t such a tough guy when he has to deal with Putin … He is not such a tough guy when he has to deal with his billionaire friends in Saudi Arabia, who just tortured and murdered a courageous journalist.” read more

Joe Biden Is The Overwhelming Democratic Favorite In New 2020 Poll

Vice President Joe Biden is the overwhelming favorite to win the Democratic nomination according to a new 2020 poll.

Dem Poll Has Gillum Leading DeSantis By 5 in Florida

Bernie Sanders-supported progressive Democrat Andrew Gillum, the thirty-something mayor of Tallahassee, is leading Trump-supported right-wing Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis (Fla.) by 5 points in the race for the Florida governor’s mansion, according to a new poll. Admittedly, the poll may be biased since it was commissioned by Democrats, but it is the first publicly released poll since Florida’s primary elections were held on Tuesday. read more

Bernie Sanders’ Top Strategist Earned $10,000 Per Day Helping Manafort in Ukraine

Tad Devine was the top strategist for the 2016 presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders. Thursday it was announced that he will assist in the special counsel office’s prosecution of Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign chairman for five months in 2016. read more

Bernie Sanders: Trump is Tough on Children But Not On Putin

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was in Kansas on Friday campaigning for local Democratic congressional candidates and he had some choice words for the current occupant of the White House. Sanders said he was appalled at the way President Donald Trump handled Russian President Vladimir Putin during their summit meeting in Helsinki on Monday. read more

Top House Democrat Loses Primary and Narcissist Trump Takes Credit

The #4 ranking Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives suffered a stunning defeat Tuesday night in the New York state primary and Donald Trump immediately took credit.  According to the president, Rep. Joe Crowley, who has had his eye on Nancy Pelosi’s Speaker position, would have won if he had been “nicer” to him. read more

Obama Has Been Meeting With 2020 Presidential Contenders

Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama has had nine different private meetings with possible 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, Politico reported Monday.

Obama reportedly held the one-on-one sessions in his D.C. office over the past several months, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D). read more

Hillary Clinton Allies May Be Backing Elizabeth Warren in 2020

Can Elizabeth Warren save the Democratic Party? After the bitter fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential primaries, many people think the #1 agenda item for Democrats is to heal internal divisions.   read more

Bernie Sanders Wants to Offer Every American A Job With Benefits

Back in February we reported that “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, exploded with rage after Trump released a budget that slashes trillions of dollars from Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security disability after he gave a massive tax cut to the wealthy and corporations.” read more

Senators and Legal Experts Condemn Illegal Syrian Air Strikes

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.)  and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) have strongly criticized Donald Trump’s authorization of military strikes in Syria.

“President Trump’s decision to launch airstrikes against the Syrian government without Congress’s approval is illegal and – absent a broader strategy – it’s reckless,” Kaine said yesterday.  read more

Bernie Sanders Bursts Into Laughter Over GOP Claim That Dems Don’t Care About CHIP

"These are the guys who wanted to cut Medicaid by $1 trillion over a ten-year period. These are the guys who wanted to wipe out completely the Affordable Care act and throw 32 million people off of health insurance."