McConnell Delivers A Shocking Reality Check To Trump That Democrats Are Winning On Healthcare

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a reality check to Trump by telling the President that he is not going to be able to let the ACA implode. Instead, if the Senate health care bill fails, Democrats will enter negotiations to save the health insurance market and Obamacare will grow stronger.
Politico reported, “President Donald Trump continued to float the possibility on Monday that Congress and the White House would simply let Obamacare’s individual markets collapse if the GOP’s repeal effort goes down later this week. But McConnell called up Trump recently, according to people with knowledge of the call, to deliver a reality check. Voters expect Republicans to deliver on their long-held promise to repeal the law, McConnell said, according to those people. And failing to repeal the law would mean the GOP would lose its opportunity to do a partisan rewrite of the law that could scale back Medicaid spending, cut Obamacare’s taxes and repeal a host of industry mandates. Instead, Republicans would be forced to enter into bipartisan negotiations with Democrats to save failing insurance markets.” read more