With Their Morality in the Morgue House Republicans Kill Wall Street Regulations

While the country hung on every word of James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday morning and then spent the rest of the day analyzing the Senators questions and his responses and the implications for the Trump/Russia investigation, House Republicans were quietly stripping away protections of the momentous Dodd-Frank Act.

Liar David Barton Claims That U.S. Constitution Quotes ‘Almost Verbatim’ from Bible

“You’ll find almost verbatim wording in many clauses of the Constitution to passages in the Bible. It’s a one-to-one correlation on the wording.”

Texas Republican Prays to God to Forgive America for the U.S. Constitution

He said “Lord, we have gone to killing the most innocent amongst us," ignoring God promising Samaria's "pregnant women" will be "ripped open”

Opinion: Texas GOP Bill Allows Officials to Refuse Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

"Texas Senate has no problem with taxpayer-funded discrimination against virtually anyone who doesn't meet a public official's personal [religious] standards."

Trump Helped Fracture The Religious Right – Not Break It

The fault lines among evangelicals that the election of 2016 has exposed are likely to reshape national politics for years to come.

GOP Congressman Claims Institutional Racism Can Be Cured by the Bible

Apparently, if African-Americans had a Bible-based moral education, they wouldn't mind being gunned down by the police for no reason whatsoever

Marco Rubio Says Women Exposed To Zika Must Deliver Defective Fetus

Rubio readily admits that "Microcephaly is a terrible prenatal condition and it's a lifetime of difficulties. But I'm pro-life."

Maternal Mortality Rates Fall Drastically Worldwide While America’s Rates Rise

"The rise in pregnancy-related deaths coincide with Republican lawmakers slashing family planning funds."

Judge Decimates the GOP’s Religious Freedom Concept – Strikes Down Mississippi Law

Judge Reeves noted that “the title, history and text of the law showed it to be the State’s attempt to put LGBT citizens in their place."

Pope Francis Hints At Eventually Allowing Women Priests

This is a big deal and could signal the Pope’s thinking that perhaps it is time for women to become priests.

John Kasich Tries to Teach the Bible to Talmudic Scholars

One can only picture the results of this cringe-worthy moment with President Kasich and a group of Muslims instead

David Barton Says if You Don’t Believe in the Bible, You Don’t Believe in the Constitution

"The fervency with which someone follows their religious faith, a biblical faith, is nearly always a direct indicator of how well they will follow the Constitution."

Ted Cruz Will Roll Back Access to Contraception if Elected

Cruz says he will illegally order an investigation of Planned Parenthood and end requirement of contraceptive method coverage for employers

It’s OK for Trump to Cite Bible (Even Incorrectly) But Woe Unto Obama

Donald Trump is doing his best to kiss up to the Ted Cruz religious fanatic crowd, those who see America as a theocracy. Trump is a rock star among white supremacists but he wants to appeal not only to people who hate people on account of their skin color but who hate people on account of their religion, or their lifestyle. read more

Alabama Chief Justice Reinstates Same-Sex Marriage Ban – Says SCOTUS Is Confused

Notorious Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore, has unilaterally issued a judicial order overturning a six-month old United States Supreme Court ruling.

The Religious Right Loves Trump Because They Share A Dangerous Mindset

The rise of Trump, like the rise of the religious right, is the predictable outcome of Reagan transforming the GOP into a vehicle for theocracy

Marco Rubio Says to Ignore SCOTUS Decision and First Amendment

Marco Rubio continues the Republican narrative that the Bible they haven't read trumps the Constitution they haven't read

Bible, Not Gays, is All the Diversity School Needs, Say Parents

Wielding crosses like pitchforks, parents at a public school in North Carolina want a gay club out of their school and a teacher punished

American Public Disagrees With Republicans On The Need for a Bible-Believing President

It turns out the American people don't agree with Republicans that it's all that important what candidates believe about the Bible

Progressive Pope Endorses Christian Criminals Who Violate Law And Constitution

The Pope's bible, the rule book containing every single one of god's utterances, plainly says to obey the government authorities, period