Biden Unleashes a Missile-Like Message to MAGAs Over Trump-Fuentes Dinner

Biden's fury and pain that something like this could happen is a shot straight at Trump and the growing number…

4 days ago

Biden Chief Of Staff Provides Thanksgiving Talking Points To Help You Survive Dinner With Your Fox News Watching Relatives

Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain tweeted some talking points about Biden administration accomplishments to help deal with those Fox…

7 days ago

Biden Hit Republicans With A Red Wave Joke During Turkey Pardon

President Biden did the annual presidential turkey pardon on Monday, and he made sure not to let the GOP turkeys…

1 week ago

Biden Calls For Assault Weapons Ban After Club Q Mass Shooting

President Biden responded to the mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado by calling for assault weapons to…

1 week ago

New Poll Shows Biden Was A Major Factor In Democratic Midterm

A new post-election survey revealed that President Biden was a significant factor in moving critical groups of voters to support…

2 weeks ago

Elizabeth Warren Shoots Down Chuck Todd And Gives Biden Credit For Midterm Win

Chuck Todd tried to claim that voters preferred Republicans on 4 out of 5 issues, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)…

2 weeks ago

Biden Predicted That The GOP’s Trump Fever Would Break And It Looks Like He Was Right

In 2019, Joe Biden predicted that eventually Republicans would experience an epiphany and move on from Trump. It looks like…

3 weeks ago

Biden Gives All Veterans And Gold Star Families A Lifetime Pass To National Parks

President Biden has given veterans and Gold Star Families a lifetime pass to the nation's national parks.

3 weeks ago

Biden Just Showed Why Trump And The GOP Will Always Fail

President Biden hit on why Democrats were successful while Trump and the GOP failed in the midterm. The answer is…

3 weeks ago

Trump Pushing Congressional Allies To Impeach Biden More Than Once

Trump assumes that the GOP will take the House and wants to know "how many times" the Republicans will impeach…

3 weeks ago

Joe Biden Destroys Dr. Oz In Less Than A Minute

At the rally for Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman in Philadelphia, President Biden took out Dr. Oz and delivered a…

4 weeks ago

Biden Just Basically Labeled Trump American Democracy’s #1 Enemy

In a powerful speech, President Biden said democracy is under attack in the United States because of Donald Trump and…

4 weeks ago

Biden Torches Rick Scott In Florida By Using His Own Words Against Him

At an event in Florida, President Biden used Sen. Rick Scott's own words against him on Social Security and Medicare.

4 weeks ago

A Flailing Kevin McCarthy Attacks Biden Over Halloween Candy

Kevin McCarthy has found his big issue to close out the midterm election as he attacked President Biden over the…

1 month ago

Biden Uses New GDP Report To Hammer Republicans On Inflation

President Biden used the new report showing that GDP grew in the third quarter and hammered Republicans for planning to…

1 month ago

Biden Just Blew A Hole In The Entire Republican Midterm Argument

President Biden said that Democrats are the real party of fiscal responsibility while Republicans want blow up the deficit with…

1 month ago

Biden Unloads And Speaks The Truth About The Illegitimate SCOTUS Majority

President Biden spoke his mind when he called the conservative Supreme Court majority more an advocacy group than an even-handed…

2 months ago

Biden Shatters Republican Dreams By Calling Out BS Recession Predictions

In an interview with CNN, President Biden wasn't buying the predictions that the US is going to slip into a…

2 months ago

Biden Makes History With Marijuana Reform

President Biden made history by announcing a pardon for every American federally convicted of simple marijuana possession.

2 months ago

Biden Calls Out Trump For Mistreating Puerto Rico

Before he departed to visit Puerto Rico to announce new aid, President Biden said that Puerto Rico had been mistreated…

2 months ago