Vets Organization Warns Trump Not To Sign GOP Bill That Harms Millions Of Consumers

"Every servicemember and veteran should have the right and responsibility to confront predatory loan practices," American Legion's Denise Rohan said in a statement.

Elizabeth Warren Blasts Sens. Flake And Corker For Helping Trump Rip Off The Middle-Class

"What really matters are not words, it's the actions," Warren said, blasting GOP senators who speak out against Trump but fail to back up those words with meaningful action.

The Unrepentant ‘Gorilla’ of Wall Street Wants You to Bite Him

No, the "gorilla" of Wall Street is not in jail. Asked why he didn't just ride into the sunset', the former CEO of Lehman Brothers responded, "Why don't you bite me?"

Bernie Sanders Drops A Truth Bomb On Wall St: Criminal Fraud Is The Big Banks’ Business Model

Bernie Sanders reacted to the news that the big banks pled guilty to manipulating currency markets by blunting saying that fraud is the business model on Wall Street.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Busts Republicans for a Dangerous Sneak Attack on Dodd-Frank

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is keeping her eye on the big banks and she knows what they and their Republican friends are up to in Congress.

Democrats Proven Right As Big Banks Fined Billions For Currency Manipulation Scheme

elizabeth warren bernie sanders hell no liberal caucus

From Elizabeth Warren to Bernie Sanders, Democrats and liberals that the game is rigged against ordinary Americans. Today, the left got proof of actual Wall Street rigging as five of the biggest banks in the world were fined billions of dollars for illegally manipulating the currency market.