Bill Clinton

John Boehner Says Republicans Should Have Never Impeached Bill Clinton

In the 245 years of American independence, only 4 presidents have ever been impeached. Amazingly enough, though, it has happened…

8 months ago

Former Presidents Carter, Clinton, Bush, and Obama Urge Americans to Get Vaccinated As Part of New Campaign

Former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama are urging all Americans to get vaccinated against…

9 months ago

Bill Clinton Triggers A Screaming Trump Twitter Meltdown With The Truth

Trump is watching the Democratic convention and melting down after he was called out by Bill Clinton for the US…

1 year ago

Clinton, Bush, Obama Will be at John Lewis Funeral, Trump Will Not

When long-serving and revered lawmakers pass away, it is customary for past and current Presidents to attend the funeral. This…

1 year ago

Former WH Press Secretary: Everything Trump Says Is ‘Fiction’

Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart appeared on CNN’s New Day this morning and said that he believes that…

3 years ago

Former President George H.W. Bush Dies at Age 94

George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States died Friday night at the age of 94 at…

3 years ago

Secret Service Intercepts Potential Bombs Intended For Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama

The Secret Service has intercepted more suspicious packages that were intended for Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton.

3 years ago

Trump Calls Democrats Crazy As He Lies About Winning Russia Collusion Lawsuit

Trump to spin the judge throwing out the DNC lawsuit over Russia collusion as a victory, but it was a…

3 years ago

Chelsea Clinton Slams Trump For Degrading What It Means To Be an American

Chelsea Clinton held nothing back in attacking President Donald Trump’s character in a recent interview in with a British newspaper.…

4 years ago

All Living Former Presidents Called On To Issue Joint Statement Telling Trump To Resign

Biographer David Maraniss has a great idea. The author is urging all five living former presidents to issue a joint…

4 years ago

Bill Clinton Gets Some Hilarious Revenge On Trump For Attacking Obama

Former president Bill Clinton mocked Donald Trump's claims that Obama wiretapped him with one picture on Twitter.

5 years ago

FBI Files Show Comey Has Been ‘Enthusiastic’ About Clinton Investigations Since 2001

Fast forward 15 years and Comey's behavior during the presidential campaign starts to make a little more sense.

5 years ago

Trump Claims He Would Have Done Even Better ‘if the Winner Was Based on Popular Vote’

He can claim he would have campaigned differently if there were no electoral college but then so would have Hillary…

5 years ago

Donald Trump Claims Bill Clinton is a Liar and ‘Doesn’t Know Much’

"He "doesn't know much"...especially how to get people, even with an unlimited budget, out to vote in the vital swing…

5 years ago

Bill Clinton Blames FBI Director James Comey For Trump Winning The White House

Former President Bill Clinton has lashed out and his blaming FBI Director James Comey for Donald Trump winning the presidential…

5 years ago

Ethics Lawyers Urge Trump To Be As Ethical As Bill Clinton On Conflicts Of Interest

Why won't Donald Trump do as much as Bill Clinton did to separate himself from his business interests? For all…

5 years ago

Bill Clinton Kills The Bogus Obamacare Criticism Story Completely Dead

With a single statement, Bill Clinton killed the latest Republican attempt to divide Democrats over Obamacare dead.

5 years ago

CNN Twists Bill Clinton’s Obamacare Comments In Desperate Bid To Help Trump

CNN twisted a Bill Clinton quote about the health care system and turned into an attack on Obamacare to help…

5 years ago

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